TimeSaver Marketing

Entrepreneurs, turn your time drain into a money gain!

Save At Least 7 Hours of Your Limited Time – Almost A Full Workday – Each & Every Month, Pocket Up to $5,600 in Extra Monthly Revenues, and Relish in the Satisfaction that You’re Using Your Natural Talents to Help the People Who Need You!

What is your unique brilliance?

Are you great at helping singles find their true love (and therefore their own version of happily ever after)?

Or perhaps you’re a biz coach with an uncanny ability to spot business growth opportunities a mile away.

Whatever the case, unless your brilliance lies in skillfully finessing the written word to quickly and efficiently communicate with your prospects, any time you spend writing your own marketing content is costing you money! That’s right, not only is it draining your time from revenue-generating client work, but if you aren’t clearly communicating your message, your prospects won’t “get” why they should be paying to work with you…NOW!

But yet all too many of us are guilty of spending time on tasks that are, as one of my clients so eloquently put it, “not our genius.”

With that in mind, how much time are you currently spending writing your own marketing content? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, by the time you’ve brainstormed fresh content ideas (the all-too-common lack of which can be a KILLER to getting your marketing done), sketched out a rough draft, filled in the content, proofed your work for errors, and scheduled it for publishing, you’ve spent:

  • 3-4 hours per newsletter article,

  • 1-2 hours per blog post, and

  • 10-15 minutes per social media update.

By the time all is said and done, you’re looking at a bare minimum of 7 hours per month of your own time, and that’s if you only publish 1 newsletter article, 2 blog posts, and post 12 social media updates per month.

If you want to ramp up your marketing efforts to attract more clients, you’ll need even more content – and more time to boot! Because to get serious about attracting clients online, you’ll need at least 2 newsletter articles/month, 4 blog posts per month, and 24 social media updates/month, all of which require time that takes you away from tasks that fit into your brilliance – you know, like providing service to your clients, facilitating a group program, or putting together your first (or next!) passive income product.

What is that time worth to you?

If writing your own marketing content is currently on your to-do list, chances are you’re either: A) slaving away time that would be better served working with clients or growing your business, or B) not getting your marketing done at all – and without marketing, you’re not attracting clients…and how much is lack of clients costing you?

Let’s take a look at the true cost to your business each month, in dollars, if you choose to continue writing your own marketing content (based on the minimum of 2 newsletter articles/month, 4 blog posts/month, and 24 social media updates/month):

If you charge $50/hour, that’s at least $700 in billable revenues you’re missing out on.

If you charge $100/hour, you’re looking at $1,400/month (at least!).

$200/hour? Wow, now you’re looking at $2,800+ down the drain.

You can continue spending hour after hour on tasks that not only aren’t your “genius” but that are actually costing you the possible revenues listed above, or you can take advantage of our new TimeSaver Marketing packages and infuse your business with the tasks you LOVE, day after day.

What will YOU do with your time saved?

When you have someone else working on your marketing, you’re free to relax knowing that the details are being taken care of. You could spend your new-found time attending networking events to meet new prospects, reaching out to potential JV or referral partners, and essentially expanding your reach so you can spread your message – and help more people. Which means you get to leapfrog to your version of success, in a much less stressful way and with MUCH more free time. How you spend your free time is up to you, but we recommend spending it on things that rejuvenate you, such as:

  • Building your business to make a bigger difference in the world

  • Focusing on the tasks you LOVE in your business (you know, those things that have you leaping out of bed in utter excitement each day)

  • Guilt-free “you” time – whether that involves hanging with your kids, taking a walk in the park, soaking into a hot tub, or even taking a long-overdue vacation

  • Taking on new clients to explode your monthly profits

How does TimeSaver Marketing work?

Each TimeSaver Marketing package comes with an initial consult with yours truly to develop a Content Marketing Plan, which will loosely outline potential topic ideas for the next 6 months. (The Professional package also includes monthly check-in calls to brainstorm new ideas or cover other marketing topics of interest.) As soon as you order, you’ll be directed to an online appointment scheduler to set up your consult and get the process rolling. From there, we will work with you on content turnaround times to make sure you’ll get your content when you need, month after month.

Worried that you won’t like what you see?

Not to worry, you’re in complete control of your content; we offer 2 sets of revisions so if you aren’t crazy about the first draft, we’ll keep working on it until you love what you see, guaranteed or your money back! You never have to worry about being stuck with crappy boilerplate content – this content is custom-written just for your business by a professional writer and then taken through a strict editing process by one of our eagle-eyes editors.

All the content you need, when you need it…upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your service at any time, no questions asked.

Ready to turn your time drain into a money gain?

With our TimeSaver Marketing content packages, our team of writers will get to work creating custom-written content to help you connect with your ideal clients. Your content will not only sound great (I’m a stickler for quality :)) but will also help to position you as THE expert your prospects need to solve their most pressing problems. Choose your package below based on your current marketing needs (packages can be upgraded or downgraded at any time) and click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started now!

Just the Basics

Hands-Free Marketing

Pure Gold Professional

Potential Return On Investment*:




Monthly investment**:




No. of custom-written articles




No. of custom-written blog posts




No. of custom-written social media updates




Approved articles formatted into your ezine & scheduled for publishing



Blog posts formatted into your WordPress blog & scheduled for publishing



Social media updates posted to your Twitter, Facebook, & Linked In Accounts



Article(s) posted on 5 article directories each to drive traffic to your website


One 30-minute content strategy session with a web marketing pro per month


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*Potential Return On Investment is the estimated amount of revenues you could potentially earn as a result of time saved with each package. These amounts are estimates only; as everyone will use their time differently, we cannot guarantee that you will, in fact, earn those numbers.

**Your first payment will be deducted at the time of your purchase, with subsequent payments automatically charged every 30 days unless the service is cancelled.

If you have any questions, click here to contact me. I’ll be happy to address your concerns via email, or we can set up a phone chat to determine whether this is the right solution for your needs.


Tammi Metzler