Extreme Home Page Makeover

My daughter’s newest obsession is watching Extreme Makeover (most recently, the Weight Loss edition), and I gotta admit, it’s pretty inspiring to watch the dramatic transformations as people completely makeover their bodies (or homes, or whatever the case :)).

In fact, it’s so inspiring that I thought I’d shoot a makeover of my own.

It’s an Extreme Makeover, Home Page edition.

See, over the past few weeks, I’ve been hard at work on a few new resources to help you write a smokin’ hot home page for your website (did ya catch my announcement last week of the new Instant Home Page Templates package?), and today I shot a quick video to walk through the transformation of a home page from ho-hum (as in, yawn-inducing) to “gimme some” (as in – sign me up for your products & services!).
Click the video below to watch it now (it’s only 3 minutes so won’t take long :)).

“Sure, Tammi, I wanna know the 5 simple questions that can help me write an irresistible home page…”
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