Do Clients Know You’re Here?

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You’re caught up in the day-to-day of your business life, and you’re very much alive and kicking. So it stands to reason that all your prospects know you’re there, waiting to serve them, right? They must wake up every morning thinking of ways that they can work with you.

Um, not so much.  (But you already knew that, didn’t you? :))

We all get so busy with the day-to-day stuff that the outside world can be a distant afterthought, and your prospective clients are no different. Even when we need something, sometimes we put things off until an offer that we can’t refuse is handed to us on a silver platter.

Case in point: I’ve had an itch for a new car for the past few weeks, and while I’ve looked around here and there in my spare time, it’s been more of a would-be-nice-but-I’ll-get-to-this-when-I-have-time sort of thing than a pressing need. And then my hubby and I took our existing Jeep to the dealership this weekend for an oil change and decided to look around the lot while we were there. Definitely had no plans to actually buy a car that day, just wanted to see what they had. But then our salesman that we’ve bought the last few Jeeps from (yep, we’re loyal Jeep fans :)) presented a deal that we couldn’t refuse, and we left the proud owners of a brand-new SUV. If they hadn’t put together an irresistible offer, we would have walked away empty-handed (and our salesman would have went home with one less commission). But the one area where they severely dropped the ball was that they didn’t pJeep_Patriotromote the deal-of-a-lifetime we were offered. There were no signs, no big balloons directing us to the vehicles they were promoting, nothing. And while we were approached by a few salespeople on our walk around the lot, not one of them even mentioned the deal, and we as previous customers (and therefore prime candidates) got no notice of the deal just in case we were in the market again – or just might plain be enticed by a smokin’ hot deal on something they already know we have an interest in (in this case, Jeep vehicles).

Unfortunately, all too many business owners make this same mistake. They assume their customers will think of them when they need a particular product or service (when the reality is that as much as they may have enjoyed working with you the last time, they may not even know that you offer what they’re looking for, especially if it’s similar to but not exactly what they bought before – so a big part of your job as a biz owner is to educate your customers about what you have to offer).

And this is exactly why you have to remind people that you can help them, and tell them exactly how.

One of my credit card providers did a fantastic job with that this past holiday season. Figuring that I was busy, that I would be making purchases that time of year, and that I had different choices of how I would pay for my holiday purchases, they took action.

And I got an email one day from them, reminding me that I had an open credit line, complete with the exact dollar amount I had open to buy. They even had links within the email promoting special offers they had worked out with various vendors (ie. no interest for 6 months if you spend $100 at

Now, this method will likely be slightly different in your business (since you’re most likely NOT in the credit card business :)), but there are ways you can make it work.

For example, one thing that I did in my business was to print and mail simple but professional-looking gift certificates for a complimentary consultation to people that had shown an interest in my services (either by signing up for my newsletter list, buying my ebooks, or showing interest in face-to-face networking meetings). Normally $197, they could get this consult free of charge if they responded by a certain date. And then I followed up with them several times by email to remind them to claim their free consult (along with instructions of how to do so, in case they lost the original details). Was pretty straightforward, but it worked – I got to speak with new prospects that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten on the phone with me, and I signed on new clients as well.

My question to you now is: What can you do TODAY to remind your past, current, or prospective customers that you’re here and that you have what the solutions they’re looking for? I challenge you to do ONE thing to connect with your prospects today…and feel free to post your one thing in the comments section below, and we’ll work to keep each other accountable! 🙂

Want a few suggestions?

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