Hi! I’m Tammi Metzler, founder and Chief Editor at The Write Associate. Thanks for your interest in our developmental editing services!

Our Developmental Editing services will help ensure that your work is cohesive, flows wells, and is free from credibility-crushing errors. We will work to ensure that your book is easy to read and understand, that the content is well organized, and that any tables, lists, graphs, etc. are used properly and properly complement the subject matter.

Our development editing process includes three stages of editing:

Birds-Eye View Stage (a.k.a. Content Editing)

During this initial review, your development editor will:

  • Check for inconsistencies within the content,
  • Flag any sections that might need further explanation/clarification from a reader’s point of view,
  • Ensure that the content flows well from one subject to the next, suggesting any potential changes to the content layout, and
  • Identify any potential sections within the book that might need revising.

Polish & Perfect Stage (a.k.a. Copy Editing)

Once you have reviewed and completed any suggested changes from the initial stage, you will return your book for copy editing. During this stage, your editor will perform an in-depth review of your book to check for and correct errors in consistency, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Last Pass Stage (a.k.a. Proofreading)

Once the first two stages are finished, your development editor will pass the completed manuscript to a proofreader (separate from your development editor) for a final review by a second set of eyes to help ensure that your book is free of errors.

And now, for a few FAQ’s:

“Why Should I Work With The Write Associate?”

Our work will help to ensure that your book is:

• Well organized, checking that the information is presented logically and that the text thoroughly explains the topic at hand without confusing readers
• Coherent and compelling in order to keep readers engaged
• Clear and articulate
• Consistent in tone, style and approach

“What Makes You Different from Other Editors?”

I’m so glad you asked! *grin* With over 9 years of copywriting experience, I have a solid understanding of what works from a marketing perspective. As in, how you can structure your book to help win you not only readers but also clients for your business. One of the top ways to do this is by finessing your book title/subtitle, chapter titles, and even chapter subheadings to help them stand out from the crowd and get readers and potential readers pumped to read (and, hopefully, tell all their friends about :)) your book.

These intriguing chapter titles/subheadings will also allow you to take full advantage of your book’s Table of Contents and help it serve as a mini sales page of sorts, to not only pique interest from potential readers but to also help ensure they’ll continue reading through ALL of the awesome material you took such care to write. Below is a before/after sample of a Table of Contents for a book I edited, to help you see the difference from a “ho-hum” TOC to a sizzling TOC. 🙂


“What’s My Investment?”

The investment for the 3-stage developmental editing package is $0.07/word, with a deposit of 50% of estimated word count due upfront, 30% due in 30 days (typically the halfway point of your project) and any remaining balance due at project completion.

(Don’t need the whole kit ‘n caboodle? Content editing alone can be purchased for $0.03/word, and proofreading is available at a rate of $0.01/word.)

“When Can I Expect My Polished & Perfected Manuscript?”

Typical turnaround time for a standard non-fiction book (30,000-60,000 words) to complete this 3-stage process is 8-10 weeks from the time we receive the initial manuscript, not including time our team is waiting on your revisions/reviews. Quicker turnaround times may be available upon request and are subject to a 15% premium fee.

(Turnaround times for content editing alone range from 3-4 weeks and proofreading is 2-3 weeks.)

“How Does this Process Work?”

Here’s what you can expect:

1) To kick things off, we will send you, via email, a service agreement detailing the scope of our work together, with specific instructions on how to sign and return the document to us (it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons :)). We will also email an invoice for the deposit payment, which can be securely paid online with any major credit card.

2) Once the agreement and deposit payment are received, we will email you instructions on how to submit a copy of your manuscript to begin our 3-stage process.

3) Within 2-3 weeks of receiving the manuscript, we will return any developmental suggestions for your review. These suggestions will be made using the Tracked Changes and Comments features in Microsoft Word so you can easily see our requests, either made in red within the content itself or in the pink bubbles in the side column. (For an idea of how this looks, please click here.)

4) Once you review and make the suggested changes, return the document to us to begin the content editing stage. We will then return the in-depth content edits within 3-4 weeks of the date we receive the document.

5) You will look over and approve suggested edits and return the document to us for the final proofreading stage. (If are in a time crunch or just would prefer to skip this step and trust our professional editing team to finalize suggested edits on your behalf, just let us know and we can move straight into the final step without missing a beat.)

6) We will perform the final proofread and return the completed, publish-ready manuscript to you within 2-3 weeks, with our congratulations for completing your book!

“How Do I Get Started?”

Woo-hoo! We can’t wait to work with you. 🙂 Get started now by completing the form below. (Please note that completing the form in no way obligates you to working with us. It’s a way to open the door of communication so we can decide together if we’re the right editors for you, which we hope we are!)