Day 5 of the passive income challenge: Make your writing job so much easier

Yesterday, we talked about collecting ideas and taking notes to help kick-start the creative process of writing your own e-book. Today, we’re going to sort all of those notes into a detailed table of contents that will serve as our writing guide. That way, we’ll never have to sit and wonder what should come next…it’ll all be right there, laid out for us.

When I was researching the writing process, one author (I can’t for the life of me find the link to her blog, sorry!) said that she used to write the table of contents after finishing the contents of her books, until one day a new publisher insisted that she hand in a table of contents before beginning the work. As much as she grunted and grumbled at first, she found that it made the job of actually writing the book so much easier, she wondered why on earth she’d never done it before. No more, she said, was she struggling to figure out where she wanted to take her thoughts; the basic structure was already planned out, so now she just had to fill in the blanks.

Because that line of thinking makes absolute and perfect sense to me, I’ve decided to give it a shot. And you know what? Previously, I’d put off the thought of writing this dang book (yes, even professional writers procrastinate with their own writing!) mostly out of the fear of staring down white page after white page and having no idea where to take my book next. Now I can use the table of contents and my detailed notes to move me along the process, from the Intro to The End.

Plus, a table of contents might help me reign in the incessant rambling that I tend to suffer from every now and then (okay, you caught me, it might be a bit more than that!), because now I’ll have something to keep me on topic and to the point.

And I’m sure my readers will thank me for it! 🙂

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