Day 4 of the passive income challenge: Turn the overwhelming task of writing into a carefree walk in the park

Even the most seasoned writers can get the cold sweats, followed by the oh-so-dreaded writer’s block, when faced with a blank page. I’ve talked about overcoming writer’s block before in a previous post, but today we’re going to talk about a completely different way to get those creative juices flowing…and get you chomping at the bit to start writing.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and see how easy it is!

If you’ve been putting off this whole idea of writing your own e-book because you think that you don’t know enough about anything to fill a book, this simple trick will help you put your fears to rest and get on the fast track to credibility that will help you get more clients than you could ever hope to work with, and passive income to boot.

To clear those cobwebs and give yourself a huge running start, all you have to do is…

Look outside yourself

By that, I mean hit the library for books in your chosen topic. Browse the ‘net for ideas. Before you start crying, “plagiarism!” let me add that you can (and should!) quote each and every source. So you’re not stealing their words. What you’re doing is borrowing ideas and expanding upon viewpoints to create your own unique viewpoint that will explain your topic in a way never before explained. Or in a way that is simpler to digest, or even just more easily accessible.

If you’re doubting this idea, take a look at some of the greatest books out there, either at the library or on your own bookshelf. Most, if not all, non-fiction authors use outside resources to support their own ideas. It’s almost necessary if you’re not yet the expert in your field.

Once you have a few good sources, flip through them to get the main points, and take notes like crazy. (Tip: Use a separate note card for every main idea, listing all the little subpoints underneath it. This trick makes flipping through and organizing your notes so much easier than if you jotted them down randomly in a notebook.) I just spent most of my morning filling a stack of note cards probably at least an inch thick, and these handy notes are going to be the basis for my book.

None of us operates in a vacuum…and sometimes those ideas we get from others can flick a light switch on our own unique thoughts and tangents.

Once I’m finished taking notes, I’m going to use them, and the ideas they inspire, to create a detailed table of contents, which is on tomorrow’s to-do list.

This idea is so simple, yet so very powerful when it comes to creating content for our passive income information product.

So go ahead…grab that famous quote and get ready to spin your own tale about why those words will apply so perfectly to your reader’s lives (and solve each and every one of their problems).

PS: How are you doing on this challenge? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please share by clicking the comments link below, or you can email me directly at info @, and I’ll do my best to help. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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