Day 10 of the passive income challenge: Get out of your own way

Today, as we’re busy writing the books that will fatten our bank accounts and propel us to expert status in our fields :), it’s important to remember one thing: Don’t let anything stop the flow of words onto the page.

If you can, try to shield yourself from distractions as you write. Block off one or two hours of time (setting a timer if you need to), lock yourself into your office, turn off the phone and email alerts, and just write until the time is up.

Don’t edit your words as you go. Don’t go back and rewrite sentences. And most definitely, don’t agonize over sentence structure, or other nitpicky details (at this stage, anyway). That’s a job for the editor (whether we wear that hat or pass it along to a trusted friend or pro). Right now, we’re writers…and stopping to edit yourself can block the flow of creativity, sending million-dollar thoughts into oblivion.

So, do yourself a favor and…

Get out of your own way!

Are you getting in your own way? I admit that I’ve done it, more than once…come on, confession time for you too! 🙂


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