Busy Entrepreneur’s Step-by-Step Guide to an Internet Marketing Plan

At last…get instant access to the recording of my recent teleseminar, “The Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing: Create an Internet Marketing Plan That Helps You Get Clients With Less Effort!”

During this action-packed call, you’ll learn the top secrets to creating a simple, effective internet marketing plan that will help you get more clients, fast! Here’s a taste of what you’ll get from this call:

• How to stop the overwhelm of marketing your businessCover_final copy
• How to maximize your marketing efforts
• Simple steps to double your client base without doubling your efforts
• How to set up a solid marketing plan that practically runs itself
• Easy techniques to shave hours off your marketing time each month while at the same time increasing your productivity
• How to avoid writer’s block and put your marketing on auto-pilot

This teleseminar will walk you through 5 basic but essential steps to creating a client-attracting internet marketing plan. These steps include:

Step 1: Pick the best marketing methods for your business
With so many options out there (Facebook? Twitter? Blogging? Podcasting?), it can be hard to know where to put your marketing efforts for maximum results. We’ll walk through the most popular options so you can feel comfortable picking the best ones to start your internet marketing plan.

Step 2: Maximize your marketing efforts
In this section, you’ll learn the best way to double your marketing efforts without doubling your time. This simple technique will literally shave hours off your marketing time each month!

Step 3: Put together a detailed internet marketing plan
The step you’ve been waiting for: learning how to create a marketing plan that practically runs itself! No more guesswork about how you should spend your time each day or week; it’s all laid out for you in a easy-to-follow plan. A quick glance at your marketing plan will tell you everything you need to do to promote your business that day!

Step 4: Create an editorial calendar
I’ll reveal my secrets to coming up with fresh content that your target market is dying to know…so you can be the one to give it to them! You’ll gain credibility as an expert, and potential clients will be intrigued to learn more about how you can help them solve their problems.

Step 5: Follow through on your internet marketing plan
If you want to get more clients online, you can’t miss this all-important step, where we’ll reveal how you can virtually guarantee your internet marketing success. Skip it and risk watching your efforts to this point go down the drain!

Give us one hour, and we’ll show you how to create a simple internet marketing plan that will help you get more clients quickly and efficiently.

When you purchase this recording today, you’ll also get a study guide to help you follow along during the call (and highlight the key points for later review) and plenty of examples and templates to walk you through each step above, including creating your own internet marketing plan and editorial calendar and other time-saving templates to help you jump-start your internet marketing!

This information-packed call and included resources are available to you today for the low rate of just $47 , for a limited time only. Grab your copy now and start getting more clients with less effort!

What listeners are saying:


“Thank you so much for the teleseminar [Get Clients With Less Effort: The Busy Entrepreneur’s Step-by-Step Guide to a Client-Attracting Internet Marketing Plan] & included resources; I know they will be a great help to my new VA business. Before receiving these materials, I knew very little about internet marketing, and after listening to your recording, now I feel that I have the information I need to save a lot of time each month and stay better organized with my marketing. I also have ideas to help me catch web visitors’ attention and to better use networking in my business. Keep up the good work!”

Ivette Matos
Owner, Excel Virtual Services


“Great teleseminar! You clearly defined the goals for Getting Clients With Less Effort and gave some great tips, thoughts and best of all templates to streamline the process. I learned how to brainstorm content ideas and use article marketing to position myself as an expert. This information is going to really help me stay consistent with my marketing and stay on top of my overall plan. Thank you for putting this together!”

Lee Drozak
Owner/Chief Operator
My Office Assistant


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