Be You to Be Rich

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There’s all this talk out there these days about being authentic, but do you ever wonder what that really means? And what it means for you and the success of your biz?

Once upon a time, I wondered the same thing myself. So I tried to copy others’ “authentic styles” (an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one!) because I had no clue how to find my own.

Not to mention that I was terrified of letting my authentic style out and getting laughed (or booed) out of town (rejection hurts, don’t it?).

So I tried to hide the “real” me. I tried to hide behind the “me” that I thought everyone else wanted to see, and I tried to use the sleazy sales tactics that were being passed down as gold from all the big names, but which to me felt uncomfortable and flat-out icky (yep, I said icky).

I tried to hide my failures in case people heard them and thought I was a failure too (crazy, right?).

And then one day I got sick of hiding. I got sick of trying to put on some show day after day and month after month, and I decided to let the real me out to play (scary as that might be…for me AND everyone around me!).

But you know what?

It had a major impact.

People started responding positively to me. People started treating me as a person, not just a marketer trying to squeeze m0ney from them (which was never the case, but that’s what I always felt like before).

And here’s the thing: you can copy someone else, one of the big “guru”s in your market, until you’re blue in the face, but you will never gain the full loyalty of your clients. You’ll always be struggling to keep them from leaving you for another VA/coach/consultant who has better prices or works quicker or smells nicer. (There’s always something, isn’t there?)

Not if you choose instead to be yourself.

Because you bring much more than mere knowledge of your subject matter to the table. You bring a collection of life experiences and beliefs and successes and failures that are uniquely yours, and to which your ideal clients can instantly relate. And when your ideal clients relate to you as a person, it doesn’t matter how many other VAs or marketing coaches or sales consultants are vying for your target’s attention…your clients won’t listen to others because they’re too busy listening to you.

Case in point: My mentor used to refer to herself as “Fat, Gay, and Broke.” Did it turn some people off? You betcha. By the boatload, in fact. Did she care? Not a bit. Because the people who stuck around were the people who were ready to accept her for who she was, and who identified with the struggles she had experienced. (Incidentally, as a result of her positioning and the flood of clients she attracted, she is now able to call herself “Fat, Gay, and Rich.”)

So, what’s your story? Here are a few quick tips to help you identify your unique story:

1)      Think about why you started this business. What experience(s) brought you here?

2)      What failures have you overcome that you can now help other people with?

3)      What success have you achieved that you can use to shortcut the way for others?

Let those questions stew a bit, and see what comes up for you. Write them down. Most importantly, don’t stew or second-guess yourself…just be real, be you…and pave the way for be(ing) rich.

Now that you have an idea of what makes you so darn irresistible to your ideal clients, how do you
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