You're About to Discover the Simple, "Auto Pilot" Online Marketing System that Consistently Attracts a Steady Stream of Interested Leads and Paying Clients into Your Business (While Giving Tons of Value and Never Feeling Like a Sleazeball in the Process) 

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

If you've been working your tail off to promote your products, programs and services online and are even slightly overwhelmed by trying to figure out HOW to put all the pieces in place (not to mention the sheer amount of sales writing needed for effective online marketing), or trying to figure out WHAT to write in your emails, sales pages, and other online marketing materials to get folks all tingly in anticipation of buying your products and services, then you're gonna love this letter. 

Because you're about to discover a powerful online marketing toolbox to help you: 
• Turn the information you already know into real, bonafied income
• Quickly create information products that you can not only sell over and over again for passive income but also use as a gateway to get folks interested in your high-end programs and services
Promote your products and services on "auto-pilot" with an online marketing funnel that attracts leads into your business and helps move them effortlessly into your paid products and servies
• Breeze through writing all the compelling content you need to attract clients online in an authentic, non-sleazy way, including:
     • Profit-producing promotional emails to sell your products, programs, and services at the click of a mouse
     • Money-making sales pages to sell your programs, service packages and products online
     • Lead-generating opt-in pages to enroll potential clients into your free teleseminars, consultations, videos, reports, etc. (and get those leads onto your newsletter list for future follow-up)
     • List-building free reports to spark interest in potential clients (and generate leads for your newsletter list)
     • Interaction-encouraging teleseminar scripts to help you engage interested clients from around the globe
     • Relationship-building autoresponder emails to help foster trust in new subscribers
     • Expertise-boosting articles to help you use your newsletter and blog to get exposure and build desire for your products and services
     • And, as they say, lots more :)

But first, allow me to tell you a story about a time when I was in a place of frustration and overwhelm.

A place you might find yourself in now.

See, when I first started my copywriting business, I was a bit naive.

I thought that I could quit my day job and within a few months completely replace my corporate income (or at least earn enough to pay the bills). I figured all I needed was to throw up a website and the clients would come pouring in.

Boy, was I painfully mistaken!

Sure, there were a few nibbles from serious buyers looking for a copywriting quote, but 100s more website visitors were just clicking away. And each and every one of those visitors was a potential client.

A potential client who was interested enough in my solutions to find my website.

A potential client who was intrigued but not quite ready (financially, emotionally, whatever) to hire someone like me.

A potential client who might be ready to hire someone in 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years...but by then they've forgotten my name and lost my website URL. So they go searching for solutions...and end up hiring someoone else. (Ouch.)

Then I discovered how to use my website to connect with clients and grow my business, 24/7.

Here's how the process usually works when someone visits your website.

A potential client (let's call her Julie) stumbles onto your website. She's looking to solve a specific problem, which your business just happens to help with. There are a few scenarios of what can happen from here:

Scenario A: After browsing your site for a few minutes, she likes what she sees and is thinking about contacting you for more information. Then she gets a phone call. It's her long-winded Aunt Mildred. By the time Julie gets off the phone, her internet browser has timed out, and she can't for the life of her remember the name of your website or how she even GOT there in the first place. So she goes on with her life...without the guidance and expertise you can surely lend her. And you've just lost a client. (Ouch.)

Scenario B: After browsing your site for a few minutes, Julie likes what she sees but just doesn't have the budget to hire you at the moment. She's got that leaky roof to worry about, and Christmas is coming up, and there are a gazillion other reasons why she can't (or shouldn't) spend money on your products/programs/services. So she goes on with her life...and when the time comes that she IS ready to hire you, she can't for the life of her remember your name or your website URL or anything else that might lead her to you. So she does a quick internet search...and lands squarely on someone else's website. And you've just lost a client. (Ouch.)

Scenario C: After browsing your site for a few minutes, Julie sees that you offer free information on the problem she's looking to solve and gives you her name and email address in exchange for your report/CD/DVD. As soon as she signs up, she's intrigued by an entry-level, low-risk special offer to dive deeper into solving that problem. She likes what she sees, and it fits her budget, so she buys it. Just after placing her order, Julie gets called into work, and in her rush to leave, she closes out her web browser, losing her spot on your website. But it's okay, because she now has your free goody and paid product download links in her email inbox just waiting for her to dive in, and you now have her name and email address safely stored in an email service provider, so you can automatically follow up with more helpful information and product/service/program offers for as long as she remains on your mailing list. Which leads us to two months down the road, when she sees an email from you promoting a high-ticket program. By then, she's seen your name pop into her inbox numerous times and, even if she hasn't read all your emails, she feels like you're a trusted expert on the matter at hand. So she signs up for your high-ticket program, and you've just gained a new client.

Which one would YOU prefer? *grin*

Silly question, right?

I can tell you, having been on the receiving end of all three scenarios, that option C is by far the best. Because not only are you serving those who need your help, but you're growing your business too. And all without chasing people down or feeling like a sleazy, pushy salesperson in the process.

In fact, clients practically sell themselves on working with you, and wind up chasing YOU down.

First, they visit your website, see your irresistible free gift (that you put out there ONCE, by the way, for 100s or even 1000s of folks to download), and gladly give you their contact information in exchange for your free goodies. (It's a bargain, after all! And your free gift is so valuable, they not only thank you for being so wonderfully generous with your time but begin to wonder what other goodies you have to offer in your paid programs/products/services, if you're giving away so much for free!)

Then they buy your entry-level, related offer (that probably won't make you rich but WILL put a little extra spending cash in your pocket). Again, they love much that they start looking into your other programs/products/services and become raving fans of your business.

In the meantime, they're getting your email newsletters (that you again send ONCE to reach 100s or 1000s of readers with the click of a mouse), and they sign up for your future special offers, both free and paid.

This process is how you can attract clients online, from across the globe and around the clock. And what's even better is that this system is completely automated.

You put the pieces in place ONCE and let the system work its magic, attracting clients into your business on autopilot for weeks, months, even years to come.

It's how your website can do the heavy lifting to draw clients into your business, 24/7, around the clock...
So you can, quite literally, get clients and make money while you sleep, eat, vacation, whatever.

And if you're thinking that the idea of making money while you sleep sounds kinda hype-y, because puh-LEAZE, gimme a break here, you can't make money when you're off the clock...

That's what I thought too.

Until the very first time I was out of the office spending time with family on a Saturday afternoon and checked my Blackberry to find my first email notification of a product sale.

I. Was. Ecstatic!

And, to be honest, slightly surprised.

The whole thing just seemed so easy.

I mean, yeah, I'd done work upfront but once I had the pieces in place, I didn't have to lift a finger.

Everything was automated, so my systems were doing the work for me. The client had already been added to my contact database and the download link was delivered to her automatically.

So I could spend the rest of my Saturday relaxing with my family. (Actually, in this case I used my product sale cash to treat them to dinner! :))

To someone who had previously relied on selling hours for dollars, which left me feeling chained to my desk and unable to take time off, this automatic client-attraction - and money-making - system was a welcome change of pace for this gal.

Since that day a few years back, I've received hundreds of these email notifications of sales coming in through my website. 

Sometimes 2, 3, even up to 16 product sales in a single day.

It's pretty cool seeing payment notifications pop up on your cell phone too. :)

These came in - along with dozens more - within moments after sending out a quick promotional email before heading out the door to pick my daughter up from school one afternoon. And I can't even tell you how many times I wake up in the morning to find a screen full of payment notifications.

Let me tell ya, it's a good feeling, knowing that your day hasn't even officially started yet and you already have extra money in the bank and new clients in your database. :)

So, the question I have for you now is...

How would YOU use an extra $1,000 to $3,000 each month?

Each of the emails above represents the sale (or, in the bolded cases, multiple daily product sales) of information products & group program enrollments for a total of $6,170 in passive and leveraged income over the span of 30 days.

But when you're just starting out, a more realistic goal would fall more into the $1,000 to $3,000 range. (Still not too shabby, eh? :))

So while you may not become a millionaire overnight (although by turning on the tap of traffic to your site, you could certainly get there ultimately!), you can earn some great extra income to help you cover:

• your mortgage payment 
• a car loan 
• your retirement savings account 
• your kid(s)' or grandkid(s)' college fund 
• that vacation you've been dreaming of

Or any other use you could find for a couple extra grand each month. (I'm sure you could find something to do with the money. :))

All in the form of passive income.

As in, the work is already done; now you just sit back and watch the sale notifications roll in as you spend your days working with one-on-one clients, hanging out with your family, taking time off, or doing whatever else you wish with your time.

It's all possible thanks to a proven, step-by-step "autopilot" marketing system that continually works to connect you with interested leads and paying clients.

This system draws in paying clients, no matter what your business is.

This works for:
• Coaches and consultations looking to fill high-end, one-on-one coaching & consulting packages
• Speakers and trainers looking to fill events
• Therapists, counselors, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals looking to fill their practice
• Coaches, consultants and other service professionals looking to fill group programs
• Virtual assistants, writers, web designers, and other service professionals looking to get one-on-one clients for their service packages
• Information marketers and business owners looking to sell information products for passive income

It's worked for countless professionals in countless industries, including:

And when you follow these steps, plus get all the tools and resources you need to put the pieces in place fast, you can save yourself countless frustration, headaches, and overwhelm. 

See, over the past six years of marketing my business online, I've made (more than) my fair share of mistakes. But I've had some notable successes too, including:

• 302 free teleseminar registrants (and new mailing list subscribers) as part of a new program launch, and we got it done courtesy of an irresistible opt-in page, a series of affiliate promotional emails, and an engaging teleseminar script
• 1,072 potential clients (and new mailing list subscribers) entering a contest raffling off a service package - and signing on in large part because of the compelling copy on the opt-in page, plus a few well-written emails and social media updates
581 free reports requestors (and new mailing list subscribers...see a pattern here? :)) in just a few days' time (see image below)  - thanks to an irresistible free report, compelling opt-in page and buzz-boosting social media updates

• 42 free consultations scheduled in 3 days' time - all from one opt-in page & a few promo emails
25 paying clients selling out a group program, due to a carefully written sales page, an engaging teleseminar script, and 3 profit-producing promotional emails
140 passive income product sales in 30 days (see image below), due to an irresistible sales page, a series of profit-producing promotional emails, and articles for the blog and ezine to build trust and desire

And now I'm on a mission to help other business owners shortcut PAST the mistakes I made (and that I see others making every day!) and straight to the successes that can connect you with the clients who want and NEED your help.

That's why I've gathered all of the resources, power tools, shortcuts, and templates that can help you quickly create the website sales system that will work for years to come, drawing clients into your business and getting them excited to work with you.

No more pushing, pulling, or hard selling.

Clients seek YOU out and graciously thank you for your guidance. (Can I get a Hallelujah?)

It's all just a click away.

Introducing the
Get Clients Online Virtual 
Bootcamp: How to Turn Your Website into a 24/7 Sales Machine that Delivers Clients & Income into Your Business Around the Clock

The Get Clients Online Bootcamp was designed to help you:

Attract new clients on auto-pilot…so your products, programs and services will sell while you eat, sleep, play or work
• Create a strategic plan to move website visitors from passive readers to paying customers
• Focus on gifting prospective clients with your free, content-rich giveaway rather than trying to push a hard sell of your paid products (plus, your prospects will be so blown away at how giving you are when they see the high quality of your free giveaway, they’ll hardly be able to resist peeking at what’s “behind the curtain” in your paid solutions!)
• Take the “yuck” factor away from constantly trying to promote yourself (your marketing funnel can do most – or all - of the “hard selling” for you in a non-sleazy, pressure-free way)
• Get started right now if you have no list and no product…or even if you have no IDEAS for your product or free giveaway (we’ll help you dig deep into your business and uncover a few topics that your prospects will positively DEVOUR)
• Move prospects smoothly from your free giveaway to the first level in your marketing funnel (whether that's your first - or next - passive income product or an irresistible free consultation offer to draw in potential clients)
• Create several levels in your marketing funnel so you can move clients deeper into your products and services (they’re already primed and ready to invest in your solutions, but it’s up to you to reveal how you can help them further)

This system really works to help you use your website to get clients online!

"We have had 4 times the normal amount of book sales this doubt from your improvements to the copy on our sales letter. Thanks again!"

Sharon Porter

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside the
Get Clients Online Bootcamp

The Get Clients Online Bootcamp Uses 5 Components to Help You Find Success:

1) 20 Bite-Sized Training Sessions
, over the course of 5 modules, to walk you through each step in creating your own marketing funnel that sells your products and services
2) 10 Fill-in-the-blanks Instant Online Marketing Templates  to help you breeze through writing all the marketing  materials you need to create your marketing funnel – simply fill in the blanks and in the process save yourself dozens of hours of “blank screen” time & procrastination pain (don't worry - I'll share exactly which templates you'll get in just a moment)
3) In-Depth Audio Instructions to help you customize each template to make your sales copy unique to your business & even more irresistible to your ideal clients too
4) Lifetime Access to Trainings & Templates  - which means that anytime you have to write a new sales page, article, promotional email, you name it, you can come back to your dedicated product download page and access all of your materials in one convenient location
5) Exclusive Resource Rolodex:
• “Swipe File” Folders to help you see the templates in action and give you examples to spark ideas for creating your own winning marketing campaigns
• “Get it Done” Checklists to detail the specific exercises that will keep you on track (so you aren’t just getting a bunch of fluff but actionable material you can begin putting into place right away to make your online marketing more effective)
• Step-by-step Action Plans to outline the exact tasks you need to complete (most of which can be completed in 30 minutes or less) to implement that module’s training as quickly and effectively as possible

Read on to find out exactly what you'll get inside each module. 



Plan For Profits: Climb Your Money Ladder Straight to the Income You Want - and Deserve!

Not creating a solid plan to reach your revenue goals (or, heck, not SETTING revenue goals) is like trying to fly blindly to an unknown destination. You wouldn’t set out on a road trip without a road map and an idea of where you want to go, would you? Most of us wouldn’t dream of wandering aimlessly on our limited vacation time, but we will stumble through our business with no end result in mind…and unknowingly serving ourselves a surefire recipe for business failure. In this module, we will cover:

Lesson 1: How to create a roadmap that will take your business from struggling to thriving and help you get past the overwhelm to find ultimate clarity

Lesson 2: A template for setting goals that are achievable but a bit of a stretch

Lesson 3: How to evaluate your pricing structure for profitability…and make any necessary changes to skyrocket your chances for success

Lesson 4: Little-known techniques that will let you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to break past your money and mindset barriers



Captivate Prospective Clients: How to Draft A Compelling Free Giveaway That Gets the Attention and Interest of Your Ideal Clients

If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time, you likely know that the purpose of the free giveaway is to get prospects on your newsletter list so you can then follow up with them. But did you know that the free giveaway MUST follow a certain template to be most effective, or that there’s an art to coming up with a topic that grabs attention and compels your prospects to take the next step towards working with you? Here’s a taste of other techniques you’ll discover in this module:

Lesson 5: How to find a topic that grabs your prospects' interest and is so enticing, they just can hardly wait to give you their name and email address in exchange for your free goodies
Lesson 6: The little-known template that you MUST follow if you want recipients of your free giveaway to get so excited about what you have to offer that they immediately buy your products and services
Lesson 7: Three of the most popular free giveaway formats (no, you don’t HAVE to write a free report), and exactly how to put them together (I’ll share the FREE and low-cost software I use to publish each format)
Lesson 8: How to choose a title that your ideal prospects simply can’t resist (there’s a secret formula that can skyrocket your results)

Plus, you'll get these proven fill-in-the-blanks Instant Online Marketing Templates to drastically shortcut your writing time and help increase your results:

Instant List-Building Freebie Template
Instant Interaction-Encouraging Teleseminar Script



Grow Your List: How to Publish a Simple Yet Powerful Opt-in Page that Fills Your Newsletter List with Hot Prospects for Your Products & Services

This module reveals the technical (yet simple, I promise!) aspects of releasing your free giveaway to the world. Your secret weapon? A dedicated opt-in page. Here’s what we’ll talk about in this section:

Lesson 9: How to set up a simple WordPress squeeze page for your free giveaway (and no, you don’t have to have an ounce of HTML know-how to do this!)
Lesson 10: How to use video/audio to compliment your free giveaway and get people interested (we’ll cover what you should talk about and how you can add even more value to get potential subscribers raring to sign up NOW)
Lesson 11: How to choose - and secure - your own memorable, benefit-rich URL that makes marketing a breeze
Lesson 12: All of the technical details you'll need to put the pieces in place, from setting up your lead-capturing opt-in form to choosing your web and domain hosts

Plus, you'll get this proven fill-in-the-blanks Instant Online Marketing Template to drastically shortcut your writing time and help increase your results:

Instant Lead-Generating Opt-in Page



Monetize Your Marketing: How to Quickly & Easily Convert Your Information Into Income

Of course, a marketing system is useless without a few good upsell offers, and in this section I’ll show you how to monetize your website with high-quality products and services (I’ll even teach you how you can move forward with NO products if you’d prefer to only offer services – and still create a marketing funnel that makes you money).  Here’s the nutshell version of this section:

Lesson 13: Discover how to quickly and easily expand your free giveaway into an information product or entry-level service that you can promote to free giveaway recipients
Lesson 14: Create a marketing funnel that it is 2 to 3 levels deep, with each level bringing a higher commitment of both their time and finances (and simple must-follow steps to move prospects smoothly through the funnel)
Lesson 15: Simple techniques to create a passive income information product FAST (including a behind-the-scenes peek into how you should structure each product to automatically move ready-to-excel customers into the next level of your marketing funnel)
Lesson 16: Reveals the technical details you need to put it all together: setting up a shopping cart, publishing an ebook, software needed to teach a course online, and more (don't worry, there's no "tech speak" here; it's all in plain English that makes sense even to those brand new to online marketing)

Plus, you'll get these proven fill-in-the-blanks Instant Online Marketing Templates to drastically shortcut your writing time and help increase your results:

Instant Money-Making Sales Page
Instant Client-Engaging Video Script



Send Profitable Emails: Discover Simple Email Marketing Techniques to Follow Up With Ease and Keep Paying Customers Coming Back Time & Again

Once you start building a list of interested prospects, you should then start building a relationship with them so they not only feel comfortable taking that next step into becoming a paying customer but feel confident that YOU are the person to help them solve their challenges and reach their goals. And you can get it all done with a single click. I'm talking about email marketing, of course. It's been the foundation of my business for years now, and you're about to discover how you too can earn extra money with the click of a mouse. :) Discover:

Lesson 17: One simple technique to immediately foster interest in your paid products and services, while the problem they’re facing (and the solution you offer) is still fresh on their mind
Lesson 18: How to create a series of autoresponders to gently remind prospects of your special offer (this step includes templates and samples for you to use as you please!)
Lesson 19: Simple, unobtrusive ways to get people back to your upsell page to buy your information product or entry-level service…without ticking them off and leaving them unsubscribing in droves
Lesson 20: How to use content-rich newsletters to raise interest in your information product without outright selling it (this one technique has worked wonders for me!)


Plus, you'll get these proven fill-in-the-blanks Instant Online Marketing Templates to drastically shortcut your writing time and help increase your results:

Instant Relationship-Building Autoresponder Emails
Instant Profit-Producing Promotional Emails
Instant Expertise-Boosting Ezine & Blog Articles



Create Biz-Boosting Buzz: How to Flood Your Website (and Marketing Funnel!) With Eager-to-Buy Customers

Once your marketing funnel is in place, it’s time to start driving targeted traffic back to your website so your potential clientts can see what you have to offer…and begin making their way through your carefully set-up marketing funnel. In this final step, we’ll talk about:

Lesson 21: How to get FREE exposure to hundreds – or even thousands – of your ideal clients…by using content you already have
Lesson 22: The best ways to seek out and take advantage of mutually beneficial referral/Joint Venture partnerships with other professionals (plus a checklist of qualities to watch for in a good promotional partner)
Lesson 23: The ABCs of getting others to sell for you with affiliate marketing (plus a few things you should know before you even APPROACH a potential affiliate marketer)
Lesson 24: When to consider paid advertising and how to make sure you’re getting a good return on investment (hint: you have to monitor your ads closely; I’ll show you how)


Plus, you'll get these proven fill-in-the-blanks Instant Online Marketing Templates to drastically shortcut your writing time and help increase your results:

Instant Buzz-Generating Social Media Updates
Instant Word-Spreading Affiliate Promotions


When you order now, not only can you immediately access everything you need to create an automated website sales system that attracts leads and sells your products, programs and services around the clock...

But you can also lock in 70% in savings.

You see, each of these in-depth modules – with the fill-in-the-blanks templates, swipe files, other resources, and built-in support - is worth (and has sold individually for) between $197-$497.

For a total value of $2,770.

PLUS, when you order now, you also get 5 bonus gifts worth $245.

Bonus Gift #1: In-Depth Webinar called Your Website Gold Mine: Make Your Next $10K Fast (Really!) with Your Own Custom Website Profit Plan ($49 value)

In this webinar you’ll discover:
• How to create a roadmap that will add at least $10K to your revenue in the coming months
• Insider info that will help you navigate the murky waters of online marketing so you know exactly what to do next to begin raking in the dough
• A template for setting revenue goals that are achievable but a bit of a stretch
• How to evaluate your pricing structure for profitability…and then how to make the changes needed to skyrocket your chances for success
• The essential 6 steps in a simple yet successful Website Profit Plan


Bonus Gift #2: In-Depth Webinar called Your Fastest Path to Cash: 3 Steps to 3 New Clients in 30 Days ($49 value)

Here I reveal such nuggets of gold as:
• How to identify your fastest path to cash (a.k.a. paying clients) to squelch the overwhelm of a zillion unfinished projects and seriously simplify your business (and skyrocket your profits too!)
• How to banish unachievable, overflowing client-attraction to-do lists and instead focus on just 1 or 2 key marketing tasks each day (imagine the relief at being able to end the day knowing you made progress on your client-attraction goals – without running yourself ragged or burning the midnight oil!)
• Why doing too much is not only burning you out but could be sabotaging your client-attraction efforts – and why picking fewer items for your marketing task list can actually help you get more done
• A swipe file of 30 marketing action steps that can be completed in one hour or less – along with instructions on which actions to choose for fastest results (plus how to turn your marketing into a game – and have some fun in the process :))


Bonus Gift #3: In-Depth Webinar called Magnetic Writing Secrets: How to Craft Copy that is Authentically You AND Attracts a Rush of Clients for Your High-End Services, Passive Income Products, and Group Coaching Programs! ($49 value)

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get in this training:
• A proven blueprint that makes writing promotional materials a breeze (so you’ll no longer struggle to whip up those brochures, newsletter articles, list-building opt-in pages, product sales pages, etc., anytime you have a product or service to sell)
• A checklist of what to watch for before publishing your marketing copy (so you don’t embarrass yourself OR risk ticking off your readers!)
• My cheat sheet of 26 ways you can use Magnetic Writing techniques to grow your business
• A Quickest Path to Paying Clients “No Fluff” Worksheet that shows you the bare bones strategy to promote your high-ticket service packages, passive income products, or leveraged income group programs (so you don’t waste a bunch of time & tears on stuff you don’t need to do!)


Bonus Gift #4: In-Depth Webinar called Tap Into Your Inner ATM: How to Convert the Information Within You Into Instant Streams of Income! ($49 value)

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover during this webinar:
• Little-known ways to instantly position yourself as an expert
• How to “compellize” your knowledge…so that prospects instantly get the value of working with you
• The number one thing that is stopping you from turning your information into income…and exactly how to overcome it NOW!
• A sneak peek into the 7 Phases of a Profitable Business (just hearing these laid out can help you skyrocket through your current “stuckness” and propel you toward your own profitable business)


Bonus Gift #5: In-Depth Webinar called Demystifying Internet Marketing: Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Internet Marketing Plan that Helps You Get Clients Online! ($49 value)

In this seminar, find out:
• How to conquer the overwhelm of marketing your business (and get rid of “bright shiny object syndrome” once & for all)
• Simple steps to double your client base without doubling your efforts
• How to develop a solid marketing plan that practically runs itself (so your marketing is out there working for you 24/7, as you work, sleep, or play!)
• How you can shave hours off your marketing time each month while at the same time sending your productivity through the roof


Sounds good, Tammi...but what's my investment?

You can get in today, immediately access all 5 training modules (so you can work through them in the order recommended or start with the module you need now - the choice is yours), check out the bonus goodies, and dive into the Get Clients Online Action Club, where you'll get all the support you need to get your marketing funnel done well....AND lock in your 70% savings.

See, you've got the Get Clients Online bootcamp itself worth $2,770, and $245 worth of bonus gifts.

For a total package value of $3,015 as you can see here...

Get Clients Online Bootcamp

Bonus #1: Your Website Gold Mine

Bonus #2: Your Fastest Path to Cash

Bonus #3: Magnetic Writing Secrets

Bonus #4: Tap Into Your Inner ATM

Bonus #5: Demystifying Internet Marketing









But I know what it's like to bootstrap a business, and I want to make this program affordable for most any business owner.

So when you order today, you can lock in the rock-bottom rate of just $89/month for 12 months (or choose the Pay-in-Full rate of $999 and save even more!).

Heck, that monthly fee would be covered just by selling 3 of your new passive income products at $29! (Or 5 at $17. Either way, totally doable! :)) And that's not to mention the additional sales that can come in from your happy clients ordering more of your products, programs and services.

Plus...You're Covered By Our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 30 days with NO RISK!

If you're not 100% satisfied with this product, simply contact our support team, and we will return 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

Get started now:

Pay-in-full option: $999 (best deal!)

6-pay option: $169/month (I'll finance you!)

12-pay option: $89/month (budget-friendly!)

I look forward to helping you create your marketing funnel that sells your products and services!

Tammi Metzler

The Write Associate

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