Meet Tammi

Hey, I’m Tammi Metzler, your friendly website copywriter and website conversion specialist.

These days, I make my living writing compelling website copy for a select group of private clients, including coaches, virtual assistants, website designers, doctors, lawyers, healers, and other service-based professionals, and I also teach do-it-yourself business owners how to increase their own website conversions.

I regularly use my own website to attract 1000s of leads at a time for my copywriting/consulting business, as well as to fill my initial consultations with interested prospects and sell my products and services. My clients typically report immediate boosts in their website conversions (that is, the number of website visitors who take some sort of action, like joining your mailing list, requesting a consult/quote, or buying your products/services online).
The truth is, I was born to write. I love it. Turns out though, while I was born a decent writer, I most certainly was not born knowing how to write to sell.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My story actually goes back a few years.

It All Started When I Was a Corporate Slave

I was miserable.

It was about a year and a half after I’d graduated from college (finally – after seven long years of juggling a full-time day job with part-time studies), and I was working as an Admin Assistant at an advertising agency. It was an entry-level job but I was having a hard time moving up in the world – and I desperately wanted something that used my creative side. I vividly remember sitting at my desk one day, stapling papers together and thinking, “This is what I have to look forward to the rest of my life?”

Year after year of being told when I could clock in (and out!), what tasks I could work on, how much money I could earn…this was my destiny? I was a grown woman but had to ask permission to leave work so I could take my newborn daughter to her well-visit doctor appointments. And then I had to tear myself away from my beautiful daughter and return to a job I despised.

It was almost like I could feel little bits of my soul dying off with each passing moment.

As if I was shackled to a joyless future, stretched out bleak in front of me with no end in sight.


I Thought I Was the Problem

It took me a long time, a LOT of meaningless J.O.B.s (Just Over Broke), and many hours watching the clock, counting down every second until quittin’ time, to get it.

The problem wasn’t me.

The problem was that I was trying to fit a square peg (me) into a round hole (your normal, everyday J.O.B.).

But the thing is, I wasn’t built to be a corporate employee. I wasn’t meant to spend my days doing someone else’s bidding, making someone else rich while I scraped by, financially, emotionally.


For others, that might be a perfectly acceptable life. But for us as entrepreneurs, it’s not good enough.

We want to control our lives, shape our destinies. Be able to leave our marks on the world in a way that just doesn’t happen in 9-5 corporate America.

We want to create our own realities. Set our own schedules. Work on our time, whether that’s in the wee morning hours while the rest of the world sleeps, regular daytime hours, or after the kiddos go to bed at night.

And for some of us, perhaps, most importantly: We want to write our own paychecks.

Which brings me to…

The Day My Life Changed Forever

The date was July 3, 2008.

The clock struck 5 p.m., and I was giddy with excitement.

As I threw open the glass doors and stepped into the warm sunlight, I took a deep breath of air that smelled, nearly tasted, like freedom.

Because I was free.

Free of colorless cubicles and stale office air.

Free of meaningless work that bored the living daylights out of me.

Free of watching the seconds crawl by, day after day, and feeling like I was staring into an abyss of lifetime misery at work.

I had just quit my full-time J.O.B. and was officially self-employed.

I’d never felt more liberated – or more terrified – in my life.

My Big Wake-Up Call

Beginning my new career armed with two years of full-time work in the advertising field, a degree in English, tons of creative writing experience, and a few years of advertising knowledge under my belt, I thought I had it all figured out. I figured, All I have to do is throw up a website, write a few pages of content about my services, and the clients will come pouring in.

Turns out, it didn’t work that way (surprise, surprise). When I launched my website to the world, clients didn’t come pouring in. I was doing things to get noticed and was actually getting some traffic to my site, but nothing much was happening otherwise. I remember one day checking my website traffic statistics and feeling a flush of excitement when I saw that I’d had 100+ people visit my website the previous day.

That excitement quickly vanished when I realized the sad truth: That none of those folks visiting my website had done anything. They hadn’t joined my mailing list (and identified themselves as prospects who are interested in my services). They hadn’t blown up my phone lines with desperate pleas to help them write their websites. They’d been frustratingly silent.

And they’d disappeared back into cyberspace without a trace.

After a few months of this glaring lack of response to my marketing efforts, I was in dire straits. We’d always been a two-income family, so I had to bring money in or we couldn’t pay the bills. We had a newborn baby at home, and we were quickly burning through our credit card limit, just to put food on the table and keep the lights on. I had to do something, but since I was at home all day with a newborn baby and couldn’t get out to in-person networking to find clients, I had to rely on online marketing and driving traffic to my website to fill my business. And so I set out to figure out why my website wasn’t converting traffic into leads and clients.

The Mistake that Almost Did Me In

As I mentioned before, my husband and I were relying heavily on our credit cards to pay the bills at this point, and although I still had some funds available, I stubbornly refused to spend them on anything other than bare essentials.

I’d started studying successful marketers and copywriters, figuring that I could learn everything I needed to know by just watching what they were doing on their websites and other marketing materials. I figured I could just use them as an example and modify their marketing to fit my business.

BIG mistake.

Turns out, there was a whole lot going on behind the scenes that I had no clue about – and which left my own marketing lacking big time. It’s like I had all (or most of) the pieces to the puzzle, but I just couldn’t make them fit.

By using what I learned from free reports and by taking my outside peek of successful folks’ marketing, I was able to get a handful of clients here and there, but nowhere near what I needed to pay the bills.

So I Finally Gave Up


In a fit of desperate frustration, I bit the bullet and bought a copywriting course to really learn the ins and outs of writing web copy that sells. That course set me back a whopping $600 – which at the time was the same as a whole month’s worth of groceries for my family. So it was a big deal to me. It’s no exaggeration to say that my hands were shaking when I entered my credit card info and clicked that “Order Now” button.

But in the end, the fact that I invested in myself when I couldn’t afford to was my saving grace.

Because I knew, deep down inside, that learning how to write to sell would be my ticket to a better life.

The life I’d been dreaming of in those miserable days shackled to my cubicle.

And trust me when I say it absolutely has been. Fast forward to today, 5 years after I published that first website and naively waited for clients to come flooding in. I can hardly believe that I’m truly living life on my terms, earning a great income while hand-selecting projects that I enjoy, working side by side with amazing entrepreneurs around the world, and being able to set my own schedule.

I can take my daughter to the park on warm summer mornings if I want to. I recently played hooky on a Tuesday morning to take my preschool daughter on a play date at the local Children’s Museum…something I never could have done while working at my JOB (at least, not without getting into hot water with my boss :)). Now I can “shut down shop” early on Fridays (or take off altogether) to spend time with my husband and daughter. I can be there when my family needs me…or just when I want to be with them.

And for me, it’s all come down to having a website that speaks to my ideal clients in a way they “get”…and which has them excited to learn more about working with me.

I love what I do, and I love getting to work with entrepreneurs across the globe.

If my story resonates with you, and you’re interested in learning more about how we may be able to work together to jazz up your marketing, I’d love to chat with you. Just click here to set up a get-acquainted phone conversation, or click here to browse my copywriting and consulting service options.