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Tammi Metzler

Hello! My name is Tammi Metzler, and I’m the owner and Chief Client-Attracting Copywriter of The Write Associate. Below is an interview that covers some FAQs about our service programs.

How did you come to be an expert on creating and promoting client-attracting websites?

It all started in the winter of 2007. I’d been working full-time as an employee in the advertising industry for the previous four years but was feeling more and more unfulfilled with my daily responsibilities. To top it off, my husband and I were expecting our first child, and I despised the thought of devoting 50+ hours per week to a job I hated while a stranger raised my child. And so shortly after my daughter was born, I made the decision to leave my full-time job and branch out on my own as a self-employed copywriter. For the first year or so, to say I struggled to get clients would be an understatement. Although I had experience with marketing, most of it was in designing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for companies with deep pockets who could afford to keep running ads regardless of the return on investment. When I launched my own business, I quickly discovered a need for marketing that delivered an immediate return on my limited investments – meaning my marketing had to connect me with ready-to-buy clients, and fast.

Because I was home alone on weekdays with a newborn child, in-person networking was nearly impossible, and I didn’t have the budget for much paid advertising in newspapers, yellow pages, etc., so I relied heavily on my website and online marketing to attract clients. Unfortunately, my first website was TERRIBLE. It was designed by yours truly (and trust me when I say I am NOT a designer!) using one of those free templates, and while I did have visitors visiting my site thanks to my online marketing efforts, the vast majority of my visitors weren’t doing anything. They weren’t downloading my free report that I’d taken such care to write, they weren’t requesting a consult with me, and they definitely weren’t knocking down my door to book my one-on-one services. Drowning in debt and desperate to make my new business work, I took out a loan at the end of 2008 to revamp my website and purchase in-depth copywriting training programs to help me learn the fine art of writing to sell. The next year, I doubled my revenues, mainly by revamping my web copy so that it worked harder to convert more of my existing website visitors into warm leads and paying clients. Since then my website has connected my business with 1000s of leads (a.k.a. newsletter subscribers) that I can market to on a regular basis using inexpensive email marketing techniques, and I’ve worked one-on-one with 100s of coaches, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs to revamp their tired, ineffective websites into lead-generating, client-attracting, money-making power tools in their marketing toolbox.

How do your programs work?

When a client signs on to work with us, we start with an in-depth “Hidden Profits Website Audit” phone interview, in which we discuss how you’d like to use your website in your client-attraction efforts, identify any areas of improvement, and generally get to know your business better. We talk about the solutions you provide, the problems that are keeping your clients stuck, and how to make that connection between their challenges and your offerings. We uncover hidden benefits within your offerings (because sometimes when you ARE your business, you can’t take an objective look at your solutions, and you miss some aspects of your products and services that might be hot selling points to your clients) and brainstorm the best way to communicate your solutions in a way that gets your clients excited to work with you while also staying true to who YOU are. At the end of our process, our goal is to leave you with web copy that is written in your authentic voice and works to draw clients into your business.

What happens after the “Hidden Profits Website Audit”?

There are two options involved in working with us:

A) Done-For-You: In this full-service option, my team will take care of all the details of your web copy from start to finish, providing you with polished web copy that you can just copy and paste into your website. We’ll start with the 1-hour “Hidden Profits Website Audit” consultation mentioned above to dive deep into the message that needs to come across in your web copy in order to connect you with your ideal clients, and then my team and I will use the information gathered during our conversation to create the 3 must-have pages of compelling web copy (Home, About, Services) in YOUR voice, and geared toward your ideal clients. This package also includes up to 2 revisions per page, based on your feedback. Please contact us for rates and turnaround times.

B) Do-It-Together: In this option, we’ll work together side-by-side to create an outline for web copy that is fun, engaging, and draws your ideal clients into your business. This package includes the 1-hour “Hidden Profits Website Audit” consultation to uncover the best marketing message for each of the 3 main pages of web copy (Home, About, Services), during which we’ll brainstorm potential eye-grabbing headlines for the different pages, create an outline for the content on the page, and discuss calls-to-action to move readers into taking the next logical step. You’ll also receive fill-in-the blanks templates for each page to help guide the writing process, the recording of the call for your future reference, and the transcript of the call that you can use as the foundation for writing your compelling web copy – and since we will have created the outline of each page, you can just piece the content together and polish it to your liking. This package also includes a written critique of your 3 pages of completed web content within 60 days of the consulting call (the timeframe is just to keep clients on track :)). Please contact us for rates and turnaround times.

* Note: There is also a do-it-yourself option called the Instant Web Copy Generator for those who would rather tackle the task of website copywriting on their own. This program includes fill-in-the-blank templates for each of the 5 main pages of your website, a swipe file of proven Home page templates for a variety of industries, and more. Please visit http://MyInstantWebCopy.com for more information.

What happens if you haven’t worked with people in my field?

We here at The Write Associate specialize in working with self-employed service professionals and service-based businesses, and our techniques have been found effective across a wide variety of service industries. Even if we haven’t yet worked with someone in your field, the basic principles are the same, and we will work with you to learn more about your business and your target market in order to create a website that consistently attracts clients.

Here’s a sample of professionals we’ve worked with over the years:

How will we work together?

We’ll use a combination of email and phone/Skype to communicate while we’re walking through the client-attracting website program together.

When can I expect to finish your programs?

Again, it depends on the program you choose, but the completion time typically ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. Depending on your needs, you could be just a few short weeks away from a strong, client-attracting web presence!

* Note: A more definite timeframe will be given if you request a quote.

How much do the client-attracting website programs cost?

We’ll go over specific investment amount during our get-acquainted phone call, once we determine which program would be best for you. And don’t forget that these programs can be written off as a business expense, which is a definite plus!

Do you offer any discounts?

Sometimes we do run promotions exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. So if you’re interested in future discounts, be sure to sign up now!

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards through a secure payment processing service, as well as payment online through PayPal or Google Checkout. We also accept checks and money orders.

If I know which program I want, how can I get started?

Give us a call at 402-884-5476, send an email to support@writeassociate.com, or complete our contact form at http://writeassociate.com/contact.

If I don’t quite know whether this is the right program for me, is there a way to sample your work at a low cost?

If you’re not sure yet, you can sign up for a free subscription to our e-zine, which provides useful client-attracting website creation & promotion tips on a bi-weekly basis. If you read our e-zine for a month or so and like what we have to say, you can contact us then to get started.

My weeks are already jam-packed, between family commitments and work priorities. How much time will I need to set aside for your program each week?

You can expect to spend about 30 minutes during the get-acquainted phone call, an additional 30 minutes to 1 hour on the phone with one of our team members in the “Hidden Profits Website Audit” consult, and then from there your involvement will vary depending on the program you choose. If time is limited, you might consider the Done-For-You option, which requires the least of your time and involvement; beyond the two consults, your only requirement is to review and approve the completed copy. We advise our clients that devoting a few hours now to developing a client-attracting web presence will contribute to a more successful business in the long run, and the more free time you can expect to have later when your marketing pieces drop into place and begin to practically run themselves.

I think I’m ready to get started, but I do have a few more questions. Can I contact you?

Absolutely! We can be reached by phone at 402-680-2311 or by email at support@writeassociate.com, or you can click here to schedule a get-acquainted phone call to talk with one of our representatives about whether this is the right fit for you.