90-Day Program Complete

Congratulations – you’ve taken a huge leap on the path to more clients for your business! Below are a few things to help you get started.

Module 1: Website Copywriting

As promised, here’s your instant access to the website copywriting module:

Fill-in-the-blanks 5-page website template (PDF file)

5-page website template (audio recording)

Headlines and power words (audio recording)

Headlines and power words (PDF file)

(Note: You can either left-click the audio recordings to open them in your computer or right-click to save them to your computer and listen on the go.)

Module 2: List-building Free Giveaway

Please download the template first (made available in Word format so you can fill in the document as you go or print it out to fill in manually) and then listen to the first audio recording. Once you have your template in place, you can then listen to the other recordings.

Free Giveaway Template (Word doc)

Free Giveaway Formula (audio recording)

Popular Giveaway Formats (audio recording)

Irresistible Titles (audio recording)

Module 3: Email Marketing

All right, let’s talk about effective email marketing methods to sell your products and services! Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the link below to listen to a 15-minute audio recording:

The Secret Formula to Making Sales With Your Email Newsletter

Step 2: Pick the templates you will need in the Profitable Newsletters e-book:

  • A survey template to find out what your clients want to know (p. 20) and another to help you turn those inquiries into paid products and services (p. 25)
  • A template for creating an irresistible free giveaway (p. 38)
  • A template for the free giveaway opt-in page (p. 50)
  • A template for the upsell page to sell a product or service to new subscribers (p. 58)
  • A template for a welcome message you can send to new subscribers (p. 66)
  • A template for a text newsletter (p. 75)
  • A template for writing newsletter articles (p. 90)
  • A template for creating an effective Author Resource box (p. 93)

Step 3: Review the Profitable Newsletters e-book (my special gift to you :)):

Profitable Newsletter List System