7 Best Ways to Get Website Visitors Off the Fence and Into Action

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Some experts will have you believe that getting website traffic (a.k.a. website visitors) is the holy grail of internet marketing. I disagree.

Because the fact is, having 1000 website visitors doesn’t mean squat if few (or none) of those visitors become leads and/or clients. What I find to be a more important gauge of website effectiveness is what those website visitors do once they reach your site.

Your website’s main goal is to attract interested people into your business. The main way to do this is to give your prospects a specific action to take (otherwise known as a call-to-action in marketing-speak :)) – after you use your compelling copy to grab their attention, spark their interest, and get them excited to take that action, of course. 🙂

So today let’s talk about 13 great ways to inspire your website visitors to take action towards becoming leads and clients.

Your website can invite visitors to:

1) Download a free gift (in exchange for their contact info, of course)

2) Take a quiz of some sort (people love to learn about themselves)

3) Join an upcoming webinar (also in exchange for their name & email address)

4) Schedule a no-cost consultation for coaching services

5) Redeem a coupon/gift certificate

6) Visit your store/office for a specific reason (pick up a free gift, etc.)

7) Order your e-book or other product(s)

To pick up 6 more ideas for simple yet powerful calls-to-action, plus find out how to avoid (or fix) the 5 common mistakes most website owners make, join me next week for a brand-new, no-cost webinar. Click here to register now!


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