7 Attention-Grabbing Words to Attract Clients

“Top 7 Attention-Grabbing Words to Help You Attract Clients”
by Tammi Metzler

Each target market responds differently to different “hot” words, but there are a few heavy hitters that will reach most any prospect and help them take action. The top 7 attention-grabbing words to include in your web copy and other internet marketing materials are:

1. F.ree. Of course, everyone loves f.ree stuff, so this little four-letter word can have a high impact on your web visitors. Another option is to suggest low cost with words like *bargain* and *discount*.

2. New. People also love new goodies, especially trendsetters who like to be the first to try new things. This is a great way to get past visitors to visit your site again or check out your products and services. Alternatives include *introducing*, *just arrived*, and *it’s here*.

3. Last chance. This phrase creates a sense of urgency in your potential clients and causes them to feel like they need to act fast. If they know that your offer is going to be around forever, they might take their time deciding and end up never buying your products and services. Alternatives include *hurry*, *going fast*, and *quick*.

4. Easy. People don’t like things that are difficult or complicated. They want solutions that are easy to put into action and gets them results. Alternatives include *simple* and *basic*.

5. Revolutionary. This word creates the idea that a product or service will change a user’s life (for the better, preferably!). Alternatives include *amazing*, *innovative*, *remarkable*, and *sensational*.

6. The truth about… This opening statement can arouse interest from people, even if they don’t really care that much about the subject at hand. They just love to see the truth about things! Alternatives include *revealed*, *startling*, and *exposed*.

7. How to… This is also a popular tactic, as people love to read How-to articles. There’s a large population of do-it-yourselfers out there who want to learn how to do everything from making more money to raising their children. No matter your specialty, you’re sure to find people who are eager to learn more about what you do. An alternative is *advice*.

Of course, you want to be ethical and ensure that you’re always telling the truth and not using these words just for the sake of grabbing attention. The point here is to spice up your truths in a way that will cause your prospects to take notice in what you have to say.

Sprinkling these key words throughout your web copy and other marketing materials, particularly in article marketing headlines and and email marketing subject lines, will help draw clients to your message.

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