5 Ways to Entice Website Visitors to Join Your List or Buy Your Stuff

Some experts will have you believe that getting website traffic (a.k.a. website visitors) is the holy grail of internet marketing. I disagree.


Because the fact is, having 1000 website visitors doesn’t mean squat if few (or none) of those visitors become leads and/or clients. What I find to be a more important gauge of website effectiveness is what those website visitors do once they reach your site.


Your website’s main goal is to attract interested people into your business, not just attract interest that falls flat as soon as the visitor clicks away, unnoticed and most likely never to return.


The main way to attract leads and clients is to give your prospects a specific action to take (otherwise known as a call-to-action in marketing-speak :)) – after you use your compelling copy to grab their attention, spark their interest, and get them excited to take that action, of course.  🙂


So today let’s talk about 5 great ways to inspire your website visitors to take action towards becoming leads and clients. Your website can invite visitors to:

1) Download a free gift. This could be a free report, CD, video, etc., that contains information your prospective clients want (in exchange for their contact info, of course). If you’re a relationship coach, this info might have something to do with better communicating with their spouse. If you’re a website designer, you might create a video sharing 5 questions folks must ask website designers to make sure they don’t hire the wrong one – and risk ending up with a website they HATE.

2) Take a quiz of some sort. Here’s the bottom line: we love to learn about ourselves. It’s human nature. Plus, offering up a quiz is something different from the norm, which can help to set you apart from other folks in your field. You’re not peddling the same-old, same-old “sales pitch in disguise” info that everyone and their mom is already preaching; instead, you’re giving them an off-the-wall, fun alternative that engages their mind and helps them feel more comfortable with you as a person…and potential partner in their business/life.

3) Join an upcoming webinar. As a writer, I’ve been entangled in a lifelong love affair with the written word (shhhh….don’t tell my husband ;)), but even I gotta admit, there’s something about hearing someone speak, even if over the phone, that goes a long way toward making you feel like you know them, even if you’ve never spoken mano-y-mano. Especially if one is listening to said webinar while sitting on the couch in their living room in their pj’s. (Not that I speak from experience or anything…) Does it get more intimate than that? Seriously, it’s like having a slumber party with your best buddy. How can you not trust the person on the other end in that situation? (And, as we all know, trust is one of those factors that can make or break your chances at landing those clients.)

4) Schedule a no-cost consultation for coaching services. As with hosting a webinar, sometimes nothing beats that one-on-one chat with prospective clients to ease their concerns and help them move from indecision to action. Might be the validation that you really are a living, breathing human being, not some scammer hiding out in a closet somewhere just waiting to con them out of $100s or $1000s of their hard-earned dollars. (Okay, so that may be a bit extreme, but the reality is that there is at least some degree of skepticism with investing in products/services offered by a stranger, is there not? I rest my point.)

5) Redeem a coupon/gift certificate. I love this one! It’s so powerful because it combines several elements of persuasion: 1) the urgency that can come with offering a cap on your coupon/gift certificate by setting an expiration at either a specific date in time or once you reach a certain quantity of recipients, whatever comes first; 2) a higher perception of value than offering a “free” item (such as a consultation), which could bring up thoughts of “you get what you pay for” – in this version, you’re offering a paid solution at a price savings (and everyone loves to save some moolah!). I’ve used that tactic myself several times with much success; in my experience, it seems that folks who claim a gift certificate for a paid consult, even if they don’t pay a dime for said consult, are more appreciative of your time and more likely to show up than those who just claim a free consult…some of whom don’t take those seriously enough to follow through. It’s also worth nothing that the folks who claim these gift certificates are less “tire kickers” and more “serious buyers,” wanting to test out the waters before they buy.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to have a “next step” for those website visitors who are interested in working with you to initiate that process and enter into your world. If you don’t, your website is not only useless in your marketing efforts but – dare I say – a bit pointless as well.

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