5 Simple Steps to Writing a Services Page that Brings You Clients

ServicesPageThatAttractsClientsYour Services page can be a great source of revenue for your business, attracting clients from around the world, if done right. It can help your prospects get a good feel for what you do and raise their excitement for working with you, so that when you actually get to speak with them one-on-one they’re raring to get started.

In other words, it can (and should!) do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, in terms of convincing the right folks to step into your world.

But, how do you go about writing a services page that gets folks all tingly in anticipation of working with you?

Behold, 5 steps to writing an outline for a services page that will begin to connect you with future clients/raving fans.


Step 1: Make the Introduction

The first step is to make an introduction. But no, contrary to popular belief, this is not an introduction to you, but rather an introduction to how your services can help readers. Big difference there. Before you even begin to talk up your services, you want to establish the fact that they need you to help them lose weight/find love/make money/whatever else you help them with. This will help to capture their attention and build a foundation for further interest.

Hot tip: To get the wheels turning, brainstorm the top 2-3 challenges or pains your prospects are experiencing. Alternatively, you could think about the top 2-3 goals they want to achieve.


Step 2: Show What’s Possible

Here you want to set the stage for what life could be like when readers’ pain is eliminated or their goals are achieved. How might their life be simplified/more enjoyable/less painful? And before you start saying, “But I can’t promise results!” know that this isn’t about making guarantees of their outcome but rather showing what could happen if they work with you. We’re not talking pie-in-the-sky, made-up stuff (ie. You can make a million bucks in an hour or less! Psh, yeah right) but real, actual results that you and/or your clients have achieved.

Hot tip: Make a list of every single achievement you have assisted in bringing to reality, either in your life/business or for your clients.


Step 3: Expose the Obstacles

From time to time, we all encounter obstacles that keep us from getting what we want. The problem is that we’re not always aware of these obstacles, and can sometimes use them as excuses to hold ourselves back. As a marketer, though, you can use these obstacles to your advantage by showing how you have the key to overcoming them. For instance, if you help working moms lose weight and their primary obstacle is lack of time, show them how your system fits weight loss into even the busiest of schedules.

Hot tip: Ask yourself, ‘Why hasn’t the problem been solved?’ List all the reasons you can think of that are keeping your clients from solving their problem(s) and/or reaching their goal(s).


Step 4: Reveal the Solution

Now that readers are pumped up about solving their challenges and/or reaching their goals, you want to reveal the solution (YOUR solution) that will get them there. It’s sorta like standing at the finish line of a 5K on a hot day with a cool glass of water in hand; likewise, once you show readers that you’ve got the goods to get them where they want to go, they’ll gulp it up in gratitude! But beware: even though you’re technically talking about you here and what you have to offer, you still want to make it about them (your reader/potential client).

Hot tip: Instead of simply listing out the features of your service package (ie. 2 phone calls per month, 1 training session, etc.), think about the benefits of each feature. In other words, why is having 2 phone calls with you per month important? How will that help them reach their goals quicker?


Step 5: Call Them to Action

Congrats! You’ve finished the hard part of your services page and are in the home stretch. But your work isn’t over quite yet, because next you need to invite readers to actually take action into starting a working relationship with you. Without this step, the previous 4 steps could be for naught, so be sure not to skip it!

Hot tip: Ask yourself, ‘What should readers do now?’ What’s the next step to working with you? Be as specific as possible.


And there you have it! The 5 steps to writing an outline for a Services page that connects you with paying clients.


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