5 Reasons Why a Guarantee Can Send Your Sales Skyrocketing

The thought of adding a guarantee to your products and services can be intimidating at best and downright terrifying at worst. After all, won’t you have people asking for refunds by the truckload?

Not so. Consider FedEx’s guarantee: When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight. They’ve built their company into a household name based on a guarantee of overnight delivery or it’s free. Yes, they may need to refund a few purchases here and there, but that’s nothing compared to the additional business that comes pouring in from people who are banking on that promise to get their goods to their destination on time.

The reality is that a guarantee can help people feel more comfortable buying from you. In fact, here are five reasons that a guarantee can help you sell mucho products and services:

1)      Ease client uncertainties. More and more often, people are becoming wary of buying products and services online, because they’ve been burned before with a purchase that was, shall we say, disappointing. Perhaps because the service wasn’t delivered during the promised timeframe or because the product didn’t contain the promised goods. With a solid guarantee, you can help to ease some of that uncertainty by letting prospects know that you stand by your product/service.

2)      Take the risk away from clients. Making a purchase from someone that you don’t know and trust can be very risky indeed. You don’t know if that seller will take your money and run or if the product/service will be of the quality you expect. On the other hand, offering an unconditional guarantee can leave you, the biz owner, at risk for unscrupulous customers who don’t think twice about shortchanging you. There are ways to structure your guarantee in such a way that protects you from unethical customers and saves the customer from wasting their hard-earned money (see #5).

3)      Foster long-term client relationships. Most profitable businesses rely on repeat purchases by loyal customers for their ultimate success, and often once a customer experiences your quality and dependability, they’re eager to return for more. Often the first purchase is the hardest to sell to a prospective customer, because they haven’t yet experienced your brilliance. A strong guarantee can help ease clients into that first purchase, so they’ll feel more comfortable buying from you the next time around.

4)      Establish your credibility and expertise. Let’s face it: if you’re not confident about the high quality of your service or product, why should prospective customers feel confident buying from you? Offering a guarantee shows prospects that you stand behind your products, and they will take comfort in your assuredness that you have the solution they need.

5)      Set yourself apart from the competition. If you’re providing a service, offering a guarantee can be a great way to get prospects to say “no” to your competition and “yes” to you. Note, though, that your guarantee doesn’t have to involve results, an aspect over which you have little control (even if you’re a biz coach touting 6-figure results in your clients, it really comes down to whether or not your clients do their part to implement the knowledge and training you provide). Instead, choose something over which you do have control, such as on-time delivery of done-for-you services or the project is f*ree (a scary thought, perhaps, but if you are confident in your ability to get things done on time, it’s just a matter of declaring your confidence to your clients).
As you can see, your guarantee doesn’t have to be intimidating or over-the-top, but it can hold strong weight to your prospects.

Crafting Your Own Compelling Guarantee Statement

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