The 5 Most Powerful Words in Marketing

Words are powerful. The right words will convince potential clients to buy your products and services, while the wrong words will either offend them The 5 Most PowerfulWords in Marketing graphicor, even worse, leave absolutely no impression on them. Which means they’ll forget you exist the moment they click away from your website or leave your side at the networking event.

Carefully selected words, on the other hand, can attract the attention you desire and entice your prospects to take action into becoming interested leads and paying clients.

When you discover how to effectively communicate your message in your marketing, both in person and online, you can quite literally turn your words into wealth.

Sound too simple to be true? Consider this: a major publisher once had a real dud on its hands, a book that wasn’t selling squat. So one savvy editor changed the title of the book and it became a national bestseller, nearly overnight. Not a single word inside the book was changed, just the title. How cool is that?

You can experience similar shifts in your business, simply by changing the way you communicate your message, the way you share your solutions with those prospects who need what you have to offer.

But first…consider the 5 most powerful words in marketing.

I could go on and on about how to choose the right words in your marketing promotions, but there’s one step you must take before you even get to that point.

Before you even sit down to write your website copy and other marketing materials, there are five unbelievably powerful words that you must consider.

Five words that can mean the difference between marketing that works to attract clients and marketing that gets ignored (and gets you nowhere).

These five powerful words are: What’s In It For Me.

You may have heard of this referred to as the acronym: WIIFM. It may sound harsh, but visitors to your website simply don’t care about what you do; they care about how what you do affects them.

Initially, at least, they only care about how you can help them get the results they seek, how you can help them solve their deepest and most painful problems.

They want to know how your products and services will change their lives. If that business development course you’re offering next month will share tricks to increase their productivity so they can get more done in less time, marketing techniques to double their income, tips on hiring staff so the business owners can take more time off, etc., be sure to address those benefits.

Because the truth of the matter is that people don’t take productivity courses just for the sake of being more productive.

The face that the productivity course will help them save time make more money are what will really attract their attention.

You’re not just offering to help people grow their business…you’re helping people improve their overall quality of life. But your website visitors won’t know that unless you tell them…so be sure to tell them exactly what they will gain from buying your products and services.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to hone in on reasons that will hit home with your prospective clients:

  1. What are some of the problems that your clients experienced before working with you? What are some of the solutions that you provided to them?
  2. What are some of the “hot” issues that your target market is dying to solve?
  3. What do potential clients stand to gain by buying your products and services?

Putting it all together

Take some time to brainstorm these questions, and jot down all potential answers (even if they don’t seem important at first; you can always go through and choose the best of the bunch when you’re done).

Then, and only then, can you prepare marketing that truly speaks to the wants and desires of your clientele (and encourages them to invest in your products and services).

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Tammi Metzler, founder of The Write Associate, is a self-professed “word geek.” Her greatest joy is in playing with words all day to find just the right combination to get folks all fired up. In the daytime hours, this means writing online marketing copy that grabs the attention and interest of readers so that they “get” the awesomeness of the product/service in question and think “I gotta get me some of that!” After hours this often means finding just the right words to get the response she’s looking for from her husband and/or 7-year-old daughter (grin). She offers tons of resources about creating compelling marketing copy that excites & engages your ideal clients on her blog at


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