The Power of Giving

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The other day, I stumbled across a very cool promotion that allows people to give back to charities and get tons of cool stuff for themselves in return. The ultimate win-win situation!

Basically, for the cost of a paperback book, you get the book The Power of Giving, which shows you how to improve your life and the lives of others at the same time. It comes with several endorsements, too. Wayne Dyer calls it “Very inspiring,” and Jack Canfield says, “Give it to everyone you know.”

The cool thing is that when you buy a copy of this newly-released book, 100% of author royalties go to charities, and you get dozens of downloadable giveaways to help you improve your personal and professional life.

I even donated a copy of my┬áspecial report, “Top 10 Tips for Writing Client-Attracting Web Copy,” so if you haven’t gotten your free copy, you can get it when you buy the book.

To get your copy of the book (plus all the downloadable goodies), visit

Do you find yourself regularly giving? We’d love to hear about it! Please tell us what you share (could be your time, a free report, whatever) in the comment section below.


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