3 Ways to Write Client-Attracting Website Content in a Hurry

So, you have a website. You’ve spent 1000s of dollars and/or dozens of hours getting it to look just right.WriteWebsiteContentFast

In eager anticipation, you launch your site to the world and wait for the clients to come pouring in.

You wait. And wait some more. But…nothing.

The folks who do visit your website are leaving again, never to return. The reason is simple: poor or non-existing website copy (you know, those words on your website that actually convince people to join your mailing list, request a consult, or buy your stuff).

Trust me, I speak from painful experience here; my first website was horrible. I had NO idea what I was doing, and it showed. In the entire lack of response from visitors. Here’s how it usually goes when your web copy ain’t working to connect with your ideal peeps:

A website visitor lands on your home page. She’s your ideal client, to the tee. You’d LOVE to work with her, and she’d love to work with you. If only she understood what you do and why she needs it. But your web copy doesn’t do its job of ‘splaining the awesomeness of your products and services, so she spends a few seconds clicking around your site, doesn’t find what she needs, and then clicks away, never to be seen again.
It happens all the time, every day, in businesses just like yours across the world.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine this scenario instead:

Your ideal client follows a link to your home page. She’s immediately captivated by a compelling headline that describes exactly what she wants or needs. She keeps reading, into the body of your copy, and is excited to see that you’re talking to her. You GET her, and finally, she’s found a solution to that problem that has been plaguing her day and night! Instead of clicking away unnoticed, she calls you to request a consultation. Or she signs up for your mailing list. Maybe she buys one of your products right there on your website. Whatever the case, she’s thrilled to have found you and can hardly wait to begin working with you.

And here’s the really exciting part…

The only thing that’s changed from Scenario A to Scenario B is the wording on the website, the way the marketing message was communicated to the potential client.

Your products and services are identical in either Scenario, but in the second one she gets it. And she’s whipping out her credit card, ready to buy now.

Here’s the biggest obstacle between you and a website that works to connect you with clients…

One of the greatest challenges I see entrepreneurs struggling with is getting the content for their main web pages (especially their Home, About, and Services pages) written. Either A) they put up “Under Construction” signs on their website asking people to check back again soon…but “soon” turns into 2, 3, even 6 months or more with no content; or B) they throw something together just to get content on their site, with the idea that they’ll go back and fix it later…but again, later turns into days, weeks, or months down the road…and all the while, prospective customers are leaving your website empty-handed by the drove.

And quite possibly heading to your competitor’s website instead.


But not to worry, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you get your website content written lickety-split.

Website Content Fast Tip #1: Set time aside. If your website content is set aside for when you “have the time” to write it, chances are it’ll never get written. Because, really, as entrepreneurs our plates are always full with one thing or another, so we have to MAKE time to get things done. So set aside a few hours – at least two – and mark it down in your calendar – in ink. So you know that on Tuesday from 1 p.m. until 3, for example, you’re working on your website content. Then treat it just as importantly as you would a client appointment – because it IS important to growing your business.

Website Content Fast Tip #2: Start small. You know the old joke about the best way to eat an elephant? (If you haven’t heard it, the answer is one bite at a time. ;)) Well, the same is true with your web content. If you try to tackle it all at once, you’ll just get overwhelmed by the enormity of the project. If you start small, though, such as with an outline of the topics you want to be sure to touch on your content, or maybe a list of the benefits you want to communicate to prospective clients, then you’ve got a good starting point and can flesh out your notes into complete web content.

Website Content Fast Tip #3: Prepare yourself. Before you sit down to write, gather any materials you want to have at the ready. Like a dictionary or thesaurus to help you find just the right words to get your message across, perhaps a few examples of web copy you like and want to model your content after, or instructions on writing good web copy that you can review as you go.

The most important thing is to just get started…we all get writers block (yes, even pro writers can find themselves plagued by the whole blank page syndrome), but if you get started writing things will start to flow.

Want a fill-in-the-blanks template to help you get web copy that’s written fast AND attracts clients?

Of course, in all your marketing communications you want to make sure you’re getting the right message through to your readers…otherwise your time – and money – is wasted.  If you need a little help discovering and communicating the right message, and want a web copy template to help ease the writing process too, you can get it done quick with the “Instant Web Copy: The Entrepreneur’s Copy-And-Paste Blueprint for Web Copy that Sells Your Products and Services!” Get instant access to the fill-in-the-blank web copy templates, step-by-step instructions, and more than 250 Power Words…so you can have everything you need to not only get your content written fast but written well. Click here to check it out now.



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