3 Smokin’ Formulas for Crafting Powerful Headlines for Your Sales Copy

Great sales copy is all about connecting with potential clients in a way that grabs their attention and quickly communicates why they should spend their valuable time reading your website copy. That essential task often falls square on the shoulders of your headline.  In fact, most copywriters worth their salt will tell you that they spend roughly 90% of their time creating just the right headline. Yes, it’s that important!

With that in mind, let’s talk about just a few of the many headline formulas that can be used in winning headlines (these happen to be my favorite J).

Powerful Headline Formula #1: Include the Word “Announcing…”

People, by nature, love to hear about new things, especially if that new thing can help them earn more money, build better relationships, or make their lives better in some way. We’re also hardwired to tune into announcements, making “announcing” a powerful word in and of itself. So if you’re rolling out a new program or product that is going to solve some of their most pressing needs, using words with an announcement quality is sure to pique readers’ interest.

Example: “Announcing a Brand New Way to Get Out of Debt in 90 Days!”

Powerful Headline Formula #2: Make It Newsworthy

If you present your headline in news form, people will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say, because the message feels more like an informative article than an overt advertisement.

Example:  “More Effective Time Management Is Right at Your Fingertips”

A word of caution: If you go this route, be sure that you actually are informing them of something before you make your pitch; you can do this by giving a few tips of ways readers can manage their time using tools they may already have, and then launch into telling them how they can learn more in your home study course/teleseminar product/etc.

Powerful Headline Formula #3: Use a Testimonial in Your Headline

If you or one of your clients achieved outstanding results from your product or service, you can tap into those changes to create a powerful headline. Bonus: People love reading stories, so if you can launch into a detailed description of how the method you offer in your product or service helped you (or a client) transform your life, you can lead them into a sale more authentically by promising to share the exact steps of how readers, too, can experience life-changing results.

Example: “I Was Nearly Broke…And Then I Discovered The Secret to Lasting Riches”

The Bottom Line

The goal of your headline is to capture attention and draw readers into your body copy, where you can then describe your product or service and lead them to the sale.

From sales letters to website copy to email subject lines, keep these formulas handy the next time you sit down to write any of your promotional materials…and you’ll be well on your way to significantly boosting your response rate.


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