3 Can’t-Miss Ingredients to Making Money Online

In my experience working as a copywriter and client-attraction strategist for entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there are three areas that, when given a few simple tweaks, can drastically improve the amount of clients – and !ncome – you can attract with your online marketing efforts. If you don’t have enough clients in your business, chances are that you’re missing one of these three key ingredients.

Ingredient #1: Compelling website copy

Your website is the “face” of your business online. And the home page is most likely where you’re directing traffic who clicks through to your website from your social media exposure, online networking, pay-per-click advertising, and any other activities that you’ve put in place to market your business online. So it’s absolutely crucial that your home page include compelling website copy that grabs attention and leads readers to a specific action…or you risk falling prey to what I call the SASS (“Short Attention Span Syndrome), which involves website visitors coming to your site, glancing through your offers, and clicking away from your website, never to return. The three essential pieces for a great home page are:

  • A headline that gets readers interested in what you have to say,
  • Main body copy that highlights the benefits of what you have to offer, and
  • A strong call-to-action that invites readers to take the next step toward working with you.

Ingredient #2: Irresistible free giveaway

A great call-to-action for your home page is to invite visitors to download a free giveaway in exchange for their contact information. The highly-important free offer is the foundation of your marketing funnel, through which you can offer your paid products and services on an ongoing basis, but you MUST start with something that is free and full of useful content first. Then, when subscribers get to know, like, and trust you a bit, you can transition them to your paid solutions. The three essential pieces for a great free giveaway are:

  • A title that website visitors can’t resist,
  • Content that both educates readers on a particular topic and informs them of your paid products and services, and
  • A call-to-action that helps readers dive deeper into the solutions you have to offer.

Ingredient #3: Strategic follow-up plan

Last but not least, you’ll want to keep subscribers interested by staying in touch on a regular basis. Your follow-up plan should include a combination of newsletters that offer helpful information and solo promotions that highlight your products and services. It’s important to touch base with your newsletter list at least once per month with articles that:

  • Establish your expertise,
  • Form a connection with your ideal clients, and
  • Let readers know how they can work with you to reach their goals.

A simple solution

The good news is that there’s a simple – and affordable – fix if any (or all) of these ingredients are missing from your marketing café. Introducing a newly-released, quick-start program that will show you exactly how to put these pieces in place, including templates and step-by-step examples that you can model after in your own business, along with live Q&A calls offering customized guidance to answer your questions and feedback to make sure you’re on the right path. You’ll get a fill-in-the-blanks template for the 5 must-have pages on a service business website, instructions on writing attention-grabbing headlines, a powerful formula for crafting irresistible free giveaway titles, a template for creating profitable email newsletters, and much more. To learn more and register today, visit http://writeassociate.com/90-day-fast-track-to-clients/.


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