15 Power Words to Engage Your Website Visitors

15 Power Words to Engage Your Website Visitors & Compel Them to Take ACTION!
by Tammi Metzler

Website visitors are busy people. They search for specific information, not bothering to look into much else that doesn’t make it onto their radar screen, or they happen to stumble across a website and make the choice to click through it, again searching for information that might be immediately helpful to them. It seems that the days of lazy Internet browsing are gone, as people are far more concerned with getting what they need and getting on with their lives already!

Is your website copy working for you…or against you?

According to a Nielsen NetRatings report, the average time spent on websites is 43 seconds. Using that stat, I have a challenge for you: ask a friend or family member to browse your website for 43 seconds. Stand nearby with a timer or stopwatch, and stop them at the end of 43 seconds. What actions did they take during their 45-second stay? Did the headline compel them to read the copy on your site? Were they engaged by a group of benefit statements and then led to a specific call-to-action? Did they find anything compelling enough to lead them to take action? Or did they seem confused and uncertain what they should do next or where they should be looking? Did they aimlessly click through to different pages, not staying in any of them for very long?

If the latter is the case, it’s quite possible (and highly likely) that your website copy is to blame for the website visitors who come to your website and then leave again without contacting you, signing up for your newsletter, or otherwise taking any action to become customers of your business.

Whether you’re writing for your business website’s home page, your lead capture page, or a sales page for a new product, your website copy has a tough job to do: it has to grab the attention of busy website visitors and convert them from “just passing through” to “ooh, this is nice…sign me up, please!” It has to engage and excite visitors, somehow managing to stand out against the millions of other marketing messages out there on the web. One way to do that is to sprinkle power words into your website copy.

Power words that get noticed

Power words are those that invoke some kind of emotional response in readers. This response can range from amusement to shock to downright rage, depending on your choice of words, but the point is that you want to use your words to connect with website visitors and elicit a strong enough reaction that you leave an impression on their minds.

And then, once you have formed that connection, that bond, if you will, you can invite them to take a specific step toward working with you. That step could be signing up for your newsletter, requesting a consultation, or buying your products and services…the choice is up to you.

Here is a list of power words that you can use to invoke an emotional response in your own website copy:

1. White hot
2. Tap into
3. Urgent
4. Explosive
5. Insider
6. Stunning
7. Shocking
8. Elite
9. Secrets
10. Untapped resource
11. Unexpected
12. Slash
13. Confidential
14. Cutting edge
15. Limited

Which words should you choose for your website copy?

Now that you have a list of top power words, which are best for your products and services? Which will have the greatest impact on your target market? Which will lead website visitors to BUY NOW? There’s a strategy involved with website copywriting, and while power words are a big piece of the puzzle, there are other elements that must be considered as well. Such as uncovering the action-inspiring benefits of your products and services and selecting a headline that will grab website visitors’ attention and pull them into the body of your website copy…which then leads them to naturally take a specific action step. If you’re not sure how to put these pieces together, a professional copywriter can take the task off your hands and leave you with website copy that engages your prospective clients and gets them excited about the solutions your business has to offer them. To learn more about the professional (yet affordable) website copywriting services offered here at The Write Associate, please visit http://writeassociate.com/services/ and look for the Website Copy option.

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