15 Power Words to Engage Your Website Visitors & Move Them into ACTION!

Website visitors are busy people. They search for specific information, not bothering to look into much else that doesn’t make it onto their radar screen, or they happen to stumble across a website and make the choice to click through it, again searching for information that might be immediately helpful to them. It seems that the days of lazy Internet browsing are gone, as people are far more concerned with getting what they need and getting on with their lives already!

15_Power_WordsThe words you choose to describe your products and services can have a profound impact on your website visitors’ reaction to your message. By using “power words,” which are essentially juiced-up versions of more common, run-of-the-mill words and phrases, you can invoke an emotional response in readers. This response can range from amusement to shock to downright rage, depending on your choice of words, but the point is that you want to use your words to connect with website visitors and elicit a strong enough reaction that you leave an impression on their minds. (Because really, about the worst response you can generate is indifference…which means that your message will be ignored and/or quickly forgotten.)  Once you’ve made an impression, people will be more likely to want more.

And that’s when you can invite them to take a specific step toward working with you. That step could be signing up for your newsletter, requesting a consultation, or buying your products and services…the choice is up to you.



An Example of Power Words in Action


For example, let’s say a dog trainer is using her website to attract clients, and one of the benefits she boasts says: “Learn how to train your dog.”


What do you think when you read that?


Most likely, not much. You glance over it and then move on without a second thought.


Now, let’s insert some “Power Words,” to change our plain-Jane “Learn how to train your dog statement” into:

Tap into 3 insider secrets that will crack the code of your dog’s stubborn jumping behavior so that you can once again invite guests into your home – and reclaim your status as master of your domain!”


Can you see how much juicier and more enticing the second statement is? If you’re a dog owner dealing with a dog who jumps, you can feel the pain of not being able to have guests over for fear of embarrassment or scratched-up, bruised guests (especially if you have two 80-pound jumping pooches, like I do J).

How to tell if your website copy is working for you…or against you

According to a Nielsen NetRatings report, the average time spent on websites is 43 seconds. Using that stat, I have a challenge for you: ask a friend or family member (bonus points if they fall into your target market, but not necessary) to browse your website for 43 seconds. Stand nearby with a timer or stopwatch, and stop them at the end of 43 seconds. What actions did they take during their short time on your site? Did the headline compel them to actually scroll down to read the copy on your home page? Or did they aimlessly click through to different pages, not staying on any of them for very long? Did they simply skim the words on your website or did they seem engaged (by leaning forward to read closer, etc.)? Did they seem excited and interested by your message or did their face remain blank, impassive, or even confused and uncertain?


If they seemed bored or confused, it’s quite possible (and highly likely) that your website copy is to blame for the website visitors who come to your website and then leave again without contacting you, signing up for your newsletter, or otherwise taking any action to become customers of your business.


Whether you’re writing for your business website’s home page, your lead capture page, or a sales page for a new product, your website copy has a tough job to do: it has to grab the attention of busy website visitors and convert them from “just passing through” to “sign me up, please!” It has to engage and excite visitors, somehow managing to stand out against the millions of other marketing messages out there on the web. One way to do that is to sprinkle power words into your website copy.

So, let’s talk now about…

15 Power Words that Get Website Visitors Fired Up About Your Solutions

Here is a starter list of power words that you can use to invoke an emotional response in your own website copy, along with examples in parenthesis of how you might use these power words in your web copy:

  1. White hot (deal, etc.)
  2. Tap into (this secret technique…)
  3. Urgent (notice…)
  4. Explosive (savings…)
  5. Insider (secrets…)
  6. Required (knowledge…)
  7. Shocking (news…)
  8. Exclusive (access…)
  9. Supercharge (your success…)

10. Untapped (resource…)

11. Unexpected (development…)

12. Slash (prices…)

13. Confidential (information…)

14. Cutting edge (technology…)

15. Limited (access…)


Want more?

These 15 power words are just the tip of the iceberg (in fact, my popular Instant Web Copy program gives clients access to over 250 power words, along with step-by-step instructions on how to choose the best ones for their products and services, plus fill-in-the-blanks templates for their Home, About, and Services pages). If you want a more in-depth list, plus a coupon for $100 off the Instant Web Copy program if that floats your boat, grab my no-cost 101 Power Words toolkit at http://WriteAssociate.com/101PowerWords or click the button below for quick access.

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