Dear Savvy Biz Owner,

• Can you TALK with overflowing passion about how you serve people, but when it comes time to WRITE those thoughts down, the words come out muted and boring (or, worse, won’t come at all)?
• Has the task of “write copy for my website/emails/program launch/other promos” been cluttering up your to-do list for weeks/months on end, but you’re just too darn busy to get it DONE?
• Are you wondering what on earth you should put in (or leave off) your marketing materials to get your ideal clients all tingly in anticipation of working with you?

Let’s face it: writing promotional content that sounds like you, in all your authentic glory, AND works to connect you with the folks you love to work with ain’t an easy task. Sometimes, it feels downright impossible.

But it’s not. At least, not when you have the right tools and guidance to lean on.

Hi, I’m Tammi Metzler, and I’ve helped 100s of coaches, consultants, and other business owners over the past 5+ years, most of whom were self-professed NON-writers, to draw out web copy and other written promotions that sound like THEM, not some watered-down, dulled-out version that is SO not attractive to their ideal peeps. We get their copy not only written fast (thanks to oodles of fill-in-the-blanks templates, swipe files of use-as-you-wish examples, step-by-step instructions or even done-for-you copywriting services if that floats your boat) but written well (like in the case of the VA who published newly-revised web copy that attracted 6 new clients in just one week, the coach who sent one simple yet powerful email to 15 potential clients and within just a few hours got “YES!” responses from 5 folks who were eager to work with her, and lots more – see more client success stories here).

You too can take the sting out of writing compelling copy that helps you fill your one-on-one service packages, sells your products like hotcakes, and overflows your group program with eager participants.

All without feeling like a sleazy salesperson in the process.

Can I get a Woo-hoo? 🙂

It starts here. It starts now. Get it on the fun by entering your name and email address in the form above and on your right to grab a copy of the Sizzlin’ Home Page Blueprint (no cost, my treat!) and get a head start on writing home page copy that draws website visitors into your business as hot prospects and paying clients.

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Feel like you want (or need) more guidance? (No worries, we all need a helping hand from time to time!) Then check out these 2 options:
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2) Click here to schedule a “Make My Copy Sizzle” phone session to discuss how we can work together to hone in on your sizzlin’ marketing message, write your web copy and other marketing materials, create free goodies that build your newsletter list with hot prospects, and tons more (really, whatever YOU need help with in your biz – we’ll identify what needs doing and lay out the options for getting it DONE already!).

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you. Please click here to get in touch with me. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Best wishes,