Make $$ {Affiliate Center}

Welcome to the Write Associate affiliate center, where you can share cool stuff with your friends and earn some thank-you moolah in return.

You see, we’re passionate about getting these affordable marketing tools and resources into the hands of as many biz owners as possible, but to do so we need YOUR help. And we’re happy to share our profits with you in return. :)

Your affiliate account has already been set up, so all you have to do to start earning is use the info below to promote the goods you think your community will be interested in. There’s free stuff, paid stuff, all kinds of goodies. And no matter what you promote (free or paid), your link will be cookied for life, so if someone visits our website through your link today and then buys a product in 2 days, 2 weeks, or even 2 years, you’ll get the commission for it (currently 50% of the purchase price on most products unless indicated otherwise). Woo-hoo! Easy peasy. :)

Note: payments will be distributed 60 days after purchase.

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