How to Score All the Fill-in-the-Blanks Copywriting Templates & Resources You Need to Breeze Through Writing Your Online Promotions Massive Savings (We're Talking More than 90% Off!) 

Sometimes this whole "marketing" thing is tough stuff, inn't it?  

You've been working your tail off to promote your products, programs and services online and are overwhelmed by trying to figure out HOW to put all the pieces in place (not to mention the sheer amount of sales writing needed for effective online marketing), or trying to figure out WHAT to write in your emails, sales pages, and other online marketing materials to get folks all tingly in anticipation of buying your products and services. #amiright?

Hey. I get it. I write for a living and sometimes, when I pull open a blank Word document, I get a little terrified at all that blank space, just begging to be filled with the exact perfect words.  

Words that will get folks all fired up to buy your books, products, programs, and services (but no pressure! :)).

Here's why finding just the right words can feel downright impossible sometimes...

It's so dang easy for us authors and entrepreneurs to isolate ourselves in our own little worlds, which makes it hard to take a step back and really see what makes your books, products and services irresistible to your prospects (so that you can write marketing that gets them all tingly in anticipation of buying your goods and working with you, natch).  

Which leaves us wondering things like...  

"Is this book title REALLY juicy enough to infuse my business with a steady flow of new readers - and potential clients - each month?"  

"Will this email subject line REALLY stand out enough to get opened by folks on my newsletter list?"  

"Am I doing this 'marketing thing' RIGHT?"  


It's enough to drive even the sanest of us a little bit bonkers! 

And on top of the constant chatter going on in our minds, there's just so. much. stuff to do.  

There are free reports to write so we can entice our fave peeps to join our mailing lists.  

Then there are newsletters to write to stay in touch with our peeps and remind them that "Hello! I'm still here and ready to serve you!"  

And teleseminar scripts to help us spread the word to folks around the world (ain't that a beautiful thing? :)).  

And, gosh, those sales letters to enroll clients into our programs or sell our products and services surely ain't gonna write themselves.  

And emails and social media and videos...oh my!

But have no fear, because you're about to discover a powerful online marketing toolbox to help you: • Turn the information you already know into real, bonafied income • Quickly create information products that you can not only sell over and over again for passive income but also use as a gateway to get folks interested in your high-end programs and services • Promote your products and services on "auto-pilot" with an online marketing funnel that attracts leads into your business and helps move them effortlessly into your paid products and servies  

Designed to help you breeze through writing all the compelling content you need to attract clients online in an authentic, non-sleazy way, including: • Profit-producing promotional emails to sell your products, programs, and services at the click of a mouse • Money-making sales pages to sell your programs, service packages and products online • Lead-generating opt-in pages to enroll potential clients into your free teleseminars, consultations, videos, reports, etc. (and get those leads onto your newsletter list for future follow-up) • List-building free reports to spark interest in potential clients (and generate leads for your newsletter list) • Interaction-encouraging teleseminar scripts to help you engage interested clients from around the globe • Relationship-building autoresponder emails to help foster trust in new subscribers • Expertise-boosting articles to help you use your newsletter and blog to get exposure and build desire for your products and services • And, as they say, lots more :)


Instant Online Marketing Templates is my whole darned collection of template packages—18 of them bad boys in all—to help you breeze through writing awesomely delicious marketing copy that helps you sell your products, programs, services, or anything else your lil heart desires. *grin*  

And these beauties do more than just save you bundles of time...  

They're also infused with time-tested copywriting techniques to help you get more responses from your efforts. (Hey, they don't call copywriting the $10,000/hour skill for nothing... ;) And with this package, you won't have to spend $1000s of your hard-earned cash or 100s of your limited hours—like I did!—trying to figure out what to write to whip readers into a buying frenzy; just follow my step-by-step instructions and end up with awesome marketing copy in a hurry. :))

Give Me Access!

Here's what you'll get...


Instant Client-Connecting Home Page

Discover how to writ a website home page that speaks directly to those clients who are seriously looking for the solutions you offer, so you can begin making connections with more ready-to-buy clients. Browse through our collection of copy-and-paste headlines, bullet points, and calls-to-action. Here’s exactly what you’ll find:  

• 53 headline suggestions – just pick the one that feels most right for you and paste it into your web copy – DONE  

• 79 bullet point statements to draw readers into your copy and help them see that YOU are the answer to their most pressing problems  

• 20 calls-to-action – so you can make sure you have the perfect offer that will get your website visitors excited and eager to ACT NOW

Plus 10 templates specifically written for popular niches, from business coaching/consulting to relationship coaching and lots more.


Instant Problem-Solving Services Page  

Your website's Services page is where visitors typically go once they’ve looked at your Home and About pages – and are becoming more and more interested in what you can do for them. This is the time to “seal the deal” with a Services page that shows visitors you’re the key to getting their problems solved – and gets those visitors excited to say YES to your solutions! You’ll discover:  

• How to create an outline for your web copy in 15 minutes or less (you just have to answer 5 basic questions and you’ve got the foundation for compelling copy!)  

• 4 ways to turn your just-the-facts outline into hot copy that gets website visitors off the fence and into action  

• How to use strategic bullet lists of program/service benefits that get website visitors excited to work with you (and ready to make the leap from “just passing through” to “where do I sign up?”)


Instant Trust-Building About Page

Your website's About page is much more than just a placeholder, or a chance to talk about your kids and pets. Yes, people DO read it, and yes, there is a way to get it written so that it has readers hanging on to every word…and feeling like you’re the person to help them solve their problems. We’ll talk about:  

• The best formats for your About page to encourage visitors to keep reading (bonus: one is super easy to write, too!)  

• What to include on your About page for maximum impact (and what to leave off to avoid sending your credibility down the drain)  

• How to use well-positioned testimonials on your About page and throughout your site to send your credibility through the roof (plus how to GET testimonials from people – even if you’ve never had a paying client!)


Instant Visitor-Engaging Home Page Video Script  

Find out how to create a stellar video for your website's home page, to welcome visitors and help draw them into your site. This in-depth training & fill-in-the-blanks template reveals the exact steps to writing an effective home page video script. You'll discover:  

• The 5 steps to planning and writing a home page video script that gets results  

• A formula for writing a simple yet powerful introduction that piques viewer interest  

• How to wrap up your video in a way that almost guarantees viewers will take action


Instant Credibility-Boosting Book 

Get instant access to a professionally-written, fill-in-the-blanks book template and have it customized and published in a fraction of the time you’d spend writing it from scratch, leaving you with an irresistible product that connects you with paying clients around the world!  

You'll receive:

• Lifetime access to 5 webinars walking you through the steps of taking your book from idea to implementation. You can watch these online from your home computer while lounging in your pj’s, or while sipping coffee at your favorite cafe…anywhere that has an internet connection with gain you instant access to these in-depth trainings!  

• A fill-in-the-blanks book template that’s pre-formatted to take all the guesswork out of what elements to put where (including headings, subheadings, pictures, content, etc.) and makes writing your book a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you’re good to go!)

• Bite-sized instructions for each of your 30-day book-writng challenge, showing you step-by-step what actions to take each day to customize the template and make your book unique to your business and even more irresistible to YOUR ideal clients

• 11 fill-in-the-blank title formulas to help your book stand out from the crowd and get folks excited about your solution  

• A swipe file of 35 irresistible title samples for 23 niche markets (including everything from health and wellness to business to parenting to relationships and pretty much everything in between!) that you can use as is or customize to meet your unique needs


Instant List-Building Free Report 

This powerful resource can help you:  

• bust through the procrastination that's kept you from writing your own free report (and growing a newsletter list of 100s or 1000s of potential clients)  

• pick a hot free report topic and title that will inspire 100s of new potential clients to sign up for your mailing list every month  

• say buh-bye to writer's block as you breeze through writing a list-building free report that not only builds your list but moves readers into your paid products and services attracts scores of your ideal clients  

• naturally attract a tribe of folks who are interested in your products and services  

• grow your business the non-sleazy way, by simply offering potential clients a free gift and then letting your powerful free giveaway move interested folks into the next step of working with you

• build a newsletter list full of hot prospects who are interested in diving deeper into paid products and services  

• connect with interested prospects at the click of a mouse, simply by sending an email to interested prospects  

• network, speak, and promote your business without having to "hard sell" your products/services (you simply offer interested prospects a free gift - we all love free gifts! :))  

• position yourself as an authority in your industry (an extra perk that comes when you have published works, even if they're short reports!)


Instant Lead-Generating Opt-in Page  

Get instant access to professionally-written opt-in page copy and have it customized and published online in mere moments, leaving you with an irresistible opt-in page that connects you with folks who are interested in your solutions! Comes with:

• A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing your opt-in pages a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you're good to go!).  

• An insider "trick" revealed in the audio training to help you quickly pull irresistible bullet point statements directly from your freebie.  

• A swipe file of 19 opt-in page samples to help you see great opt-in pages in action, help spark fresh ideas for your own opt-in pages, and further shortcut your writing time. Samples include opt-in pages promoting:  

• Teleseminars • Webinars • JV seminars • Free consultations • Contests • Giveaways • Ebooks • Free reports • Videos


Instant Relationship-Building Autoresponder Emails

Whether you’re plugging them into an autoresponder program or sending out your follow-up emails one-by-one to prospects you meet in person, there’s an art to writing emails that serve to form a connection with prospects, build a working relationship and, ultimately, move them into the next step of working with you. In this module, we’ll cover:  

• How to navigate the fine line between persistent marketer and annoying pest (get this wrong and risk gaining a reputation as a sleazy salesperson to stay far away from!)  

• A fill-in-the-blanks calendar showing you when to send your follow-up emails for maximum impact (too often and you’ll turn people off, but not often enough and your warm lead could go cold – yikes!)  

• One thing you must add in to your follow-up series to foster goodwill and practically guarantee that readers will begin to see you as a trusted resource (further increasing the chance they’ll say yes to your paid offerings!)  

You’ll also receive a set of fill-in-the-blanks templates for writing a series of 5 promotional emails to help you maximize responses from your readers.


Instant Money-Making Sales Page

Dig into all of my hours of research, my own trials and errors, along with the top resources I spent $1000s of my own cash uncovering, readily available to others like you who want to:  

• Be able to whip out a super simple (yet uber-powerful), fill-in-the-blanks sales page template anytime you want to sell a product, service, or program online • Shortcut through months or even years of frustration trying to sell products and programs from a not-so-great sales page (and hearing crickets from visitors) • Get your hands on everything you need to quickly write sales pages that get customers excited to say yes to your goodies • Save $1000s in professional copywriting fees by getting the tools to write your own high-converting sales page

You'll receive:

• A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing your sales pages a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you're good to go!) • A 10-point copywriting questionnaire that asks simple yet powerful questions to help you dive deep into the wants and needs of your ideal clients (it's almost like reading their you can give them exactly what they want and need!) • 33 fill-in-the-blank headline formulas to draw readers in and start getting them excited about your solution • A swipe file of 101 proven-to-be-irresistible headline samples for 35 niche markets (including everything from health and wellness to business to parenting to relationships and pretty much everything in between!) that you can use as is or customize to meet your unique needs • 250+ Power Words to add some excitement to your sales page (and get readers pumped up to buy your products, programs, and services!)


Instant Profit-Producing Promotional Emails

Whether you’re trying to lead readers into a free consult, a paid book/program or high-end service package, this is where you’ll learn to “seal the deal” with a stand-alone promotional email that shows readers you’re the key to getting their problems solved – and gets them excited to say YES to your solutions! Discover:  

• How to create an outline for your promo email in 15 minutes or less (you just have to answer 5 basic questions and you’ve got the foundation for compelling copy!)  

• 4 ways to turn your just-the-facts outline into hot copy that gets readers off the fence and into action  

• Why (and how) you should use proven storytelling techniques to grab attention, intrigue readers, and inspire action  

You’ll also walk away with:  

• 37 fill-in-the-blanks subject line templates based on my emails with the highest open rates (and which can be easily modified for any business, no matter what you sell)  

• 101 subject line samples that can be used to help spark ideas for using the templates in practically any situation  

• Fill-in-the-blanks templates for writing a series of 3 promotional emails to help you maximize responses from your readers  

• 22 of my most effective emails – promoting everything from free consultations to one-on-one service packages to information products to group programs – so you can see effective campaigns in action


Instant Expertise-Boosting Ezine & Blog Articles

Disover how to write one of the most important pieces of content in any business: the trust-building email newsletter/blog article. When published/sent regularly over time, articles will go a long way toward making you an expert in your readers’ eyes, plus serving as a gentle reminder that you’re here, ready to help them. Find out:  

• 13 ways to convert readers into clients • The #1 way to ensure that you give valuable information in each article without “giving away the farm” (and leading readers to think they don’t need your paid solutions) • My “rinse and repeat” method for ensuring that you never run out of fresh ideas for your articles • One thing you MUST do in each article to naturally transform your subscribers from passive readers to paying clients and active participants in your business • My top 3 “tricks” to help you drastically shortcut the writing process so you can finish each article in record time • The exact steps you need to take to write each article in one hour or less, laid out for you in an in-depth Action Plan & Get it Done Guide 

You’ll also get:  

• 17 fill-in-the-blanks article title templates that can be easily modified for any business, no matter what you sell (and which can be a great source of ideas for fresh article topics too!) • A swipe file of 75 article title samples that can be used to help you see great article titles for 42 different niche markets (and even if you don’t see yours listed, I dare you to stop the wheels of inspiration from turning! :)) • 29 ways to find a hot topic for your articles, so you will never have to put off publishing your newsletter or blog ‘cuz you don’t know WHAT on earth to write about (plus, your readers will love you for writing about topics they’re dying to learn!) • 13 “types” of articles to choose from, so you can easily crank out fresh articles month after month without boring yourself OR your readers • A fill-in-the-blanks article template to take the guesswork out of what to write first, next, and last to keep readers engaged • A 21-point checklist of what to watch for before you publish your article (to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself, tick off your readers, or butcher the all-important first impression!)


Instant Buzz-Generating Social Media Promos

This package will be your guide for building up your social media authority across the most popular social media platforms that are found today. First, you'll learn how to set up your pages and increase your online presence throughout these platforms.  

Then, find out how to automate posts so that you can maximize your time working on your social media network.

You'll receive:

• 12 fill-in-the-blanks templates for social media promotions that you can use time and time again, any time you have a new product/service to promote (just choose a few templates, fill in the blanks, and sprinkle them across your networks - easy peasy!)

• 10 different ways to create fresh, ongoing content, so you never have to worry about boring your readers (or yourself) with the same old, same old day after day

• Instructions on choosing a publishing schedule and making the commitment that will help you stay active on social media (so you can make the most of your efforts!) 


Instant Interaction-Encouraging Teleseminars

In this package, find out:

• The format your ideal teleseminar should follow

• How to write an introduction that inspires listeners to know, like and trust you

• One thing you MUST add in to boost your credibility

• How to virtually guarantee your teleseminar will get results (in the form of listeners saying YES to your products and services)


Instant Word-Spreading Affiliate/JV Promotions

With this package, gain access to professionally-written affiliate promos and have them customized and on the way to your affiliates in mere moments, fueling your affiliate army with everything they need to draw more clients into your world.  

PLUS get insider info on how to build your affiliate army, even if you're just starting out.  

Get it done with:  

• A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing 3 affiliate/JV promotional emails a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you're good to go!) • Fill-in-the-blanks social media updates so your partners can tap into their vast reach on Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites • The exact timeframe to send each promotion, laid out for you AND your promo partners so there's no confusion (hint: the more specific you are, the more likely your affiliates are to use your promos and send folks your way; this template does all the work for you!) • A swipe file of samples to help you see great copy in action, help spark fresh ideas for your own copy, and further shortcut your writing time • A cheat sheet of the Top 4 Traits of an Ideal Affiliate, so you can watch for any red flags and avoid any potential affiliate marketing disasters (trust me, they do exist!) • My 33 Little-Known Places to Find Affiliates Guide to help you build your affiliate army (perfect whether you're brand-new to business or an old pro eager to expand your reach)


Instant Overwhelm-Squashing Marketing Plan Blueprint

Whether you're brand new in business or a veteran who's been around the block a few times, we all have the same amount of hours each day.  

And if you're at all interested in making the most of your limited time, this package can help you plan a powerful yet realistic marketing calendar that doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed but DOES help you take consistent action to attract clients into your business.  

The included 60-minute audio training will walk you through 5 basic but essential steps to creating a client-attracting internet marketing plan. These steps include:  

Step 1: Pick the best marketing methods for your business With so many options out there (Social media? Blogging? Speaking?), it can be hard to know where to put your marketing efforts for maximum results. We’ll walk through the most popular options and list out who each option is best for (based on YOUR unique personality traits!) so you can feel comfortable picking the best one(s) to start your internet marketing plan.  

Step 2: Maximize your marketing efforts In this section, you’ll learn the best way to double your marketing efforts without doubling your time. This simple technique will literally shave hours off your marketing time each month!  

Step 3: Put together a detailed internet marketing plan The step you’ve been waiting for: learning how to create a marketing plan that practically runs itself! Just choose one or two marketing methods in step 1 and then follow the step-by-step actions laid out for you. No more guesswork about how you should spend your limited time each day or week; it’s all laid out for you in a easy-to-follow plan. A quick glance at your marketing plan will tell you everything you need to do to promote your business that day!  

Step 4: Create an editorial calendar I’ll reveal my secrets to coming up with fresh content for your ezine or blog that your target market is dying to know…so you can be the one to give it to them! You’ll gain credibility as an expert, and potential clients will be intrigued to learn more about how you can help them solve their problems.  

Step 5: Follow through on your internet marketing plan If you want to get more clients online, you can’t miss this all-important step, where we’ll reveal how you can virtually guarantee your internet marketing success. Skip it and risk watching your efforts to this point go down the drain!  

In just one hour, you'll find out how to create a simple internet marketing plan that will help you get more clients quickly and efficiently.

You'll receive:

• An in-depth Instant Marketing Plan Blueprint showing exactly which marketing methods to choose and how to plan them into your days • The audio recording of the Get Clients with Less Effort training in mp3 format so you can listen in the office or on the go • Blank marketing plan and daily schedule templates that you can fill in as you see fit and print out for easy reference • A sample marketing plan to help you get ideas for your own biz • A sample daily schedule so you can see how successful marketers plan - and execute - productive workdays • “Drive Them Home” audio training that reveals little-known ways to piggyback onto your existing marketing efforts (and enjoy a flood of traffic to your website, nearly overnight) and suggestions for tapping into the influence of others to get noticed by 100s or 1000s of your ideal clients • 30-Day Flood of Traffic Roadmap that turns your traffic tasks into a fun game - just set aside 30-60 minutes per day, pick one task of the 30 available and watch as a consistent flow of more and more of your ideal peeps visit your website (helps you stop wondering how on earth to find folks who want and NEED what you have to offer!)  


Instant Passive Income Product

Want to earn passive income in your business? Get it done with all the fill-in-the-blanks templates and step-by-step instructions you need to help you put the pieces in place for writing digital information products that earn passive income while you eat, sleep, play, or do whatever else your heart desires. :)  

In this package you'll discover:  

• 9 "read their minds" questions that will help you uncover the hot topic that your ideal clients are dying to learn about (and will pay you handsomely to teach them!)  

• The ONE thing that can help you create a best-selling product (don't worry, it's super simple but most folks miss it entirely...and end up with a product that won't sell to save their lives)  

• How to use your product to not only generate immediate income but also naturally transition readers into your high-end products, programs, and services (without ticking them off in the process...they'll actually love you for this!)  

• The exact number of chapters or modules you should include in your product (get this wrong and risk overwhelming your readers AND kissing any chance of moving them into your other products and services goodbye)  

• How to create a simple yet powerful outline that sets the foundation of a product readers can't wait to get their hands on  

• The 4-question formula for turning your outline into high-quality content (these seriously make writing the main body of your product a breeze...just fill in the blanks in the included ebook template and off you go!)  

• How to name each module/chapter in a way that gets readers reaching for their wallets (because they get that this is the information they've been searching for!)  

• 12 "irresistibility components" that can make your product even more enticing to your clients (they take little to no extra time to create but add HUGE value to your readers!)  

• 2 steps you must take when choosing a title that will set your product apart and help readers instantly see why they need your product, pronto 

 You'll receive:

• A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing your information product a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you're good to go!)  

• 11 fill-in-the-blank title formulas to help your product stand out from the crowd and get folks excited about your solution  

• A swipe file of 35 irresistible title samples for 23 niche markets (including everything from health and wellness to business to parenting to relationships and pretty much everything in between!) that you can use as is or customize to meet your unique needs 

• "How to Quickly Create a Passive Income Product" video training series

• "60 Minutes to Cha-Ching: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Product Online & Ready to Sell in 60 Minutes or Less" training

• Launch Your Passive Income Product Like a BOSS! planning worksheet



Instant Client-Attracting Webinar Blueprint

This in-depth package reveals everything you need to create an effective webinar. Discover:

• The 5 steps to designing your profitable webinar

• How to choose a topic that naturally leads attendees into your paid solutions

• The secret to developing an offer that's too good to pass up

• How to host a webinar FREE of charge

You'll receive:

• Fill-in-the-blanks Instant Webinar Script template so you can host your webinar with confidence and ease

• Instant Webinar Slides template to help you quickly create an impressive webinar PowerPoint slideshow

• Instant Webinar Handout template to keep attendees engaged and following along with your webinar

• 5 Instant Webinar Title formulas to write an attention-grabbing title that piques the interest of your ideal listeners

• Instant Webinar Email templates to quickly write welcome and reminder emails that stoke the anticipation in participants so they're eager to attend your webinar (includes 1 webinar welcome email, 2 reminder emails with timelines on when to send, and a replay/upsell email to send after the webinar)

• 21-Day Webinar Launch Plan 

• 23 Webinar Promotion Ideas

• Top Webinar Resources cheat sheet 

placeholder image


Instant Publicity-Earning Press Release Template

Want more publicity for your business? This press release template lays out exactly what to include (and when) to pique the interest of busy media professionals.

Plus, each template package comes complete with:

1) In-depth Training Webinars: Each Instant Online Marketing Template module comes complete with an in-depth audio training to walk you through the process of customizing each template, so you can make your sales copy unique to your business and even more irresistible to your potential clients.  

2) Tons of Relevant Samples: With this goody, members get exclusive access to a swipe file of proven examples custom-written by our professional copywriters – not some regurgitated template you’ll find floating around the internet – showing you exactly what’s working now, and giving you fresh ideas to help you "see" the template in action as you create your own winning marketing campaigns.  

3) Swipe files of eye-grabbing headlines, titles, subject lines, etc. that you can use as is or modify to meet your needs (SO much easier than starting from scratch!)  

4) “Get it Done” Checklists: These checklists will detail the specific exercises to keep you on track (so you aren’t just getting a bunch of “fluff” but actionable material you can begin putting into place right away to make your online marketing more effective).  

5) Step-by-Step Action Plans: Your Action Plan for each template package will outline the exact steps you need to take (each of which can be completed in 30 minutes or less) to complete that template as quickly and effectively as possible.  

6) Lifetime Access to Trainings & Updates: The mp3 recordings, templates, and other resources available in each module will be available for lifetime access on your secure download page. There are also 6 templates that have yet to be released (and which cannot be purchased at this time anywhere online), and with your upgrade today you'll get instant access to ALL of my templates, including those that have yet to see the light of day. PLUS, you'll get any and all updates that will be made to ANY of these templates, ever. (And trust me, there will be plenty! I'm constantly adding resources and goodies to new templates before I send them off into the world. :))  

All so you can shortcut past all the “what on earth do I write?” uncertainty…  

All the “where do I even start?” procrastination…  

And all the “will this even work?” doubts.  

Because you'll have all the get-it-done fast shortcuts and proven-to-work templates at your fingertips, just waiting for you to unleash them. 

Plus, when you order now, not only can you immediately access everything you need to online marketing that attracts leads and sells your products, programs and services...  

But you can also lock in over 90% in savings.  

You see, each of these in-depth modules – with the fill-in-the-blanks templates, swipe files, and other resources - are valued at $49 each.  

For a total value of $882. 

And, when you order now, you also get 3 bonus gifts worth $147.

Bonus Gift #1: In-Depth Webinar called Your Website Gold Mine: Make Your Next $10K Fast (Really!) with Your Own Custom Website Profit Plan ($49 value) In this webinar you’ll discover: • How to create a roadmap that will add at least $10K to your revenue in the coming months • Insider info that will help you navigate the murky waters of online marketing so you know exactly what to do next to begin raking in the dough • A template for setting revenue goals that are achievable but a bit of a stretch • How to evaluate your pricing structure for profitability…and then how to make the changes needed to skyrocket your chances for success • The essential 6 steps in a simple yet successful Website Profit Plan  

Bonus Gift #2: In-Depth Webinar called Your Fastest Path to Cash: 3 Steps to 3 New Clients in 30 Days ($49 value) Here I reveal such nuggets of gold as: • How to identify your fastest path to cash (a.k.a. paying clients) to squelch the overwhelm of a zillion unfinished projects and seriously simplify your business (and skyrocket your profits too!) • How to banish unachievable, overflowing client-attraction to-do lists and instead focus on just 1 or 2 key marketing tasks each day (imagine the relief at being able to end the day knowing you made progress on your client-attraction goals – without running yourself ragged or burning the midnight oil!) • Why doing too much is not only burning you out but could be sabotaging your client-attraction efforts – and why picking fewer items for your marketing task list can actually help you get more done • A swipe file of 30 marketing action steps that can be completed in one hour or less – along with instructions on which actions to choose for fastest results (plus how to turn your marketing into a game – and have some fun in the process :))  

Bonus Gift #3: In-Depth Webinar called Magnetic Writing Secrets: How to Craft Copy that is Authentically You AND Attracts a Rush of Clients for Your High-End Services, Passive Income Products, and Group Coaching Programs! ($49 value) Here’s a taste of what you’ll get in this training: • A proven blueprint that makes writing promotional materials a breeze (so you’ll no longer struggle to whip up those brochures, newsletter articles, list-building opt-in pages, product sales pages, etc., anytime you have a product or service to sell) • A checklist of what to watch for before publishing your marketing copy (so you don’t embarrass yourself OR risk ticking off your readers!) • My cheat sheet of 26 ways you can use Magnetic Writing techniques to grow your business • A Quickest Path to Paying Clients “No Fluff” Worksheet that shows you the bare bones strategy to promote your high-ticket service packages, passive income products, or leveraged income group programs (so you don’t waste a bunch of time &&te&&s&&n &&uff you don’t need to do!)  

Sounds good, Tammi...but what's my investment?

Ah, yes. The question of the day. :)  

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